Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's da Jax!!!

Who is he? What does he do? Why oh why should I not release the Laviathan!? These are the questions, here are the answers for you. I am Jax Lazzo Rhapsody, started out as a nobody internet user back in the days of MSN Version 7. Yes I know what the BanHammer is and where it cam from. Infact it started with MSN and their chatrooms, The Mods instead of male female avatars had a hammer as a avatar The manager mod had a brown hammer and the supervisor assistant whatever had a yellowish, goldish kinda color one. Thats basically it. We stopped using MSN after the Chatroom downfall of I think 2004. Anyway Going through looking for a perminate name for myself, I entered the world as TechnicJayman, This was used across MSN. As I LEarned new words by reading the dictionary and hearing words I liked I came across the word "Sovereign". But I didnt just use that word alone no, I used it depending on where I was at. I had also joined Blackplanet under the name TechnicJayman but after Sovereign I deleted my account and opened a new one under GhettoSovereign which because of so much work put into it, yes my page is still up. I kinda go there in a unorderly fashion. I was also on the Gorillaz message board under GhettoGuerillaGorilla, I have no idea if thats still active or what, I stopped going there about maybe a few monthes before G-Sides came out. Matter of fact although I haven't visisted in a while I'm on Discovery Channels site, could be still using Technic Jayman, its been a few years since I visted there. I started using the Sovereign moniker along with what the site was about like on, I am under AnimeSovereign. Soon when Big O started to air on CN I started using Domeneuce.

None of these are good enough, I needed a better name. I joined Myspace towards the end of 2005 under a few names. ones I can remember are Cynical Apathy, Grease Monkey and Yazi Destino Laviathan, followed up by a revelation JRhapsody or J.Rhapsody. I had no idea what the "J" was to stand for so on a few sites such as I still use it for you cant change your username. After a while I figured out Jax is an excellent name and after a while I discovered the middle name Lazzo although rarely used is my middle name. I could give you all the sites I'm on but it would be easier to Google me under Jax Rhapsody. Most sites I'm on are vehicular forums like, and various Mustang sites. So here I am Jax Lazzo Rhapsody the Rhapsodic Laviathan unrhapped. You can also find me on other blogs in comments such as Vix and Reese's blogs such as I think its called.

I have many interst, I cant talk about all of them without leaving some out. Some are stronger than others but thats what this blog is for. Key effort is research, soon I hope to be real big on the web. And obviously my real name isn't Jax but my real name is unimportant as what I actually look like. thats two things you may never see. I keep it that way for my safety. I have no problem revealing my city or vehicles though. You will most likely see me as only a Vash "the Stamped" Erricks Avatar or a Avatar as my mustang Roxanne This is just an epilough I guess you could say. The mystery and infamous-ness of the Jax will be revealled as time progresses.
-The Rhapsody

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