Sunday, February 9, 2020

I'm going to preface this with; I don't... do not care if you don't like what I have to say here- it's my blog, my opinion. You have to learn in life that you're not going to one hundred percent agred with something a person speaks on, nomatter how close you may be with them... it's life. My morals are subjective and depend on the situation, I usually stand by my thoughts unless warranted otherwise. So the TL:dr is I don't give a fuck about however you feel about this post if you aren't in solidarity.  I don't believe in  trigger warnings either, so be lucky you got one. If you want to feign ignorance, or keep me in whatever light you see me in- don't read it and crush your lil world. This is my space where I literally post whatever the fuck I want, the begining of my internet legacy, the deepest of the Laviathans Cave. I do not give one percent, a single fraction, a decimal point of a fuck of any "reprocussions" from anything read or seen here. I am not some sort of paragon.

So, out of the blue I went to get on MyEx today, I often try to see if there are any familiar faces only to find out it was shut down again. Again. Hopefully it will rise again and why do I say that? Because it was a great outlet for nonviolent revenge, or a last out, if you will if there is no other recourse one can take when a significant other.... fucks you over, cheats on you, or in my case; robs me nearly fucking blind to support her god damned meth habit(Talking about you; Caitlyn Michelle Cook, aka Cricket) plus fucks a roommate on my bed, that if it weren't for my scooter wreck, I'd have never found out. And... and the fucking Dicks(LMPD) wouldn't do anything. If I posted her pics on there, it would've been the least  I could have and should have done.  But I digress and yep I'm still salty, angry and "all up in my feels" as new lil bitch idiots say nowadays, about it.

Yes oh I sHoUlD nOt FeEl ThIs WaY... but I do. And every time I saw in the few years of them getting shut down and the reports... it's always women. Men have been on the site, too. Yet there are no reports(that I've seen) which any man has stated they were victimized or tried and failed to get their pictures removed. So don't go thinking I'm some mysoginist, man or woman, this gives them an option to get back at the scum who wronged them. As they say; turn about is fair play. Your picture ends up on there, most likely the recourse was warranted through your unsatisfactory behavior. Now for people not doing it for the intended purpose of the site; you're all pieces of shits, posting children on there like I read, you're lower than pieces of shits. Retarded cunts and dicks.

I'll tell you were they went wrong; when they set shop back up, they should've set up either exclusively on the darknet, or had a sister site running simultaneously on there. Might not get as many views but would have been less trouble. Hopefully it'll be back, or some other will take it's place, versus letting these cheaters and scoundrels get off scott free.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Surprise Awakening

There she was, standing there when I woke up, just staring at me. I don't know where she came from, but there she was.

"Your girlfriend found you talking to me last night, apparently at your house party and you had passed out, doing so. Or so I was told. She gave me your address, said I could have you, and that she was leaving.  Since you're so bold... show me what you're worth... all that talk."

 What could I do... but do it. There she is, standing there, judging and horny, looking all delicious. I'm not going to turn down an offer with a hot trans chick. I rolled over on the bed, sitting up and took her beautiful uncut dick in her mouth. She smelled of lavender and blueberries. She didn't say anything as I started to suck. Once she was hard, grabbed my head, pulled it in, shoving it down my throat, with a hip thrust;  rammed my head and pushing me on the bed.

"So far, not impressed. Yeah it gets hard if touched, but whatever.  What dick doesn't? For a guy who wanted me so bad; you aren't trying."

"Didn't she send you here for sex," I asked.

"She did," with her hands on her hips again. "Sex and to have you, she read everything. Say hello to your new girlfriend, you remember, right?"

"Damn. For real?  And you're just okay with this shit?"

"I might not have known you were with somebody, but I still want you. Do you still want me, or nah? My feelings aren't as strong as when I found out you were cheating, so why don't you change that... or is this a mistake of many to come?"

"Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth," I walked towards her.

Placing a hand on her face pulling her in for a kiss, leading with an open mouth, her tongue went deep in mine, they waged a battle of passion. When we broke, she seemed at a loss for breath. Pulling me closer, back in to another kiss, raging stiff cock stabbing me in mine, catching my belt. She looked down at the discomfort and swiftly undid my pants. Much better, it slides between my thigh and balls, mine has been pressed against her stomach. As we kiss and suck on each others lips, I felt her hump me slightly, her cock sliding just in and out between my thighs.

"So far, so good," she whispered.

Her areola look even better in person, so giving in my mouth, turning us, I laid her on the bed, running my tongue over every square inch of her  chest, as it rises and falls. I can't help but bite those soft puffs A whimper and a quiver falls from her, more she begs.  So easily they give between my teeth, my tongue plays with her nipples. Nipping at her flesh, a yelp each time until I'm low enough her cock is resting next to her cheek. Slowly I tilt my head, running my mouth up her shaft, guiding it in with my tongue. My lips grasp hard,  a sigh of relief escapes her mouth, pleasure from my work. My tongue glides on her shaft.

"Oh... mm-hmm."

"Mm-hmm," I returned.

Her tip starts to touch the back of my throat and it's like it grew or swelled a bit, throbbing every time I deep throat. Drool starts to run to her balls. What little foreskin is still loose, feels good rolling on my tongue. Her breath quickens before her hands lift my head.

"I don't want to cum yet, baby. God I wished you bottomed," she panted.

"Even if I did, you'd be too big," I smiled.

"With that mouth, I know your ass is great. It's my turn."

She lays me down finally giving my waiting cock the attention it wanted. Oh it was good.  The way she twisted her head with the reciprocating bob.

"Damn, boo... this thing is thick."

Back to it; slurping hard, sucking hard, I can't keep from throbbing my dick in her mouth. I just love watching her, hair falling all around, dancing. She keeps trying to go deeper and deeper, I see the drool and phlem coating my piece. So good, this might work out after all.

"Damn. I'm gonna hafta work on you, some more, shit. I want that thing down my throat, choked good. You want this ass?"

"How you want it, girl," I asked.

"Real easy with that monster, open me up real good."

"Hop on top, then, that way you got control."

She straddled on top of me, hand around the base, guiding it in. The look on her face was so cute when the tip was pressing on her tight little hole. Biting her lower lip, pushing it in with a grunt of relief. She twisted her hips on the first few inches, slowly working her way down. The lower she got, the further open her mouth got. Her ass was planted on my thighs with a heavy moan.

"You like that, sexy?"

"I feel it spreading my walls deep," she started rocking.

Rocking and grinding, her cock now hard as hell, waving at me slightly, if my mouth could reach. I grab two handfulls of her tits, rubbing and squeezing, pinching her nipples. She slides foward and slams her ass back, "fuck" falls out of her mouth, doing it again and again as her voice starts to break and contort to yelps, I squeeze and push her tits in to her chest. I push my hips up right as she starts to cum, her cock tightened up with her ass, she dribbled a little precum, resting on me, catching her breath.

"You done already, the way you tightened up, I was getting close."

"I'm not done yet. She's ready for you now, got her nice and open," she eased off.

Planting herself on all fours, I straddled her, sticking my tongue in her slightly gaped hole, licking and stabbing before sticking her good, sliding in balls deep. Her arms fall as I start to ram her hard.

"Uh god, fuck, fuck, yes, fuck!"

My hands didn't know where to go, it was all too good.  From her ass to her hips, was good, going in and out full length, watching her rock back and fourth, grabbing the pillow, screaming in it. My balls slapping hers, she pulled her face free with a gasp. I pulled out and turned her over, lifting her legs, slipping back in. I kissed her, she tightened up that hole while she sucked on my tongue. Slow easy thrust inside her.

"If I can't fuck your ass, can I fuck your mouth?"


We continued to kiss, pressed close, my long stroke was feeling good and I couldn't hold it much longer, her arms holding me down, her hole holding my cock as best it can.

"Cum, baby,  I want it all in me," she begged.

I stopped holding back, I wanted to make her cum one more time, I know what she wanted though. I sunk my teeth in her shoulder as she cried to bring it, and let it all loose.  I lay there panting, my cock throbs and jumps in her by itself like there was more to go. Strength mustered, rolling off her triumphant, she was still hard from the motions, gathering herself up, planting her ass in my face, she stuck her cock in my mouth and slowly fucked my face. My cum ever so slightly leaking out of her ass. Closer and closer her tip reaches my throat, the faster she goes, I see the shaft in and out, trying to time my breath to her strokes, thinking I should let her fuck me so I can breath. My hands glide up her body, back down to her ass. Maybe next time she can, maybe I can get used to it. Too late to turn back; I feel her dick tighten up as her moans get louder. I want that cum in my mouth.

"I'm about to cum! Shit! Ugghhhnnn fuck!"

I feel its heat. Liquid heat down my throat. She jerks and shudders, pulling it out far enough to fill my mouth, with a few jerky pumps down my throat, before she  slumps over and joins me.

We lay together, kissing here and there, tired, relieved.

"So she saw everything?"

"Yep," she sighed.


"I don't regret this, if anything I got awesome sex out of it. So where ever we stand, I'm good, but if you're just going to do me like her, you won't see me again."

"I'm willing to see where this goes, and if you don't believe me; I will try to bottom next time. All that talking, we connect real well."

"Sounds good, I'll hold you to it."

"Shower and food?"

"Yeah... and maybe round two later."