Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jax Art

Yo! Last night I scanned some pictures I drew when I was at this temp place waiting for a job. I understand everybodies got their own style but sometimes I look at other peoples art and my stuff just seems like its not good enough. I was thinking about joining Deviant Art. But looking at most of the dtuff on there I need to shift to the gears they're at. I've been drawing since I was like 3 or 4 years old, I've got alot of notebooks and folders and binders and trappers of pictures. Right now I'm experimenting with Gel Pens. I hate pencils but I will be getting into hybrid art eventually. I dont have any exspensive computer program or stuff like that. I won't lie to you and say they are sketches, I dont draw people that much cause I draw cars alot and am working on angles. Lets just say I could use some more practice. I thought about using MS Paint but I had done that before and it does not turn out well at all.

Now this one here I kinda screwed up on her legs and made her head too small. I also have alot of trouble drawing high heels. And thats a blanket hanging off the bed.

Now this is another pic I drew thinking about a joke I heard on Comic View about a girl with a deep pussy. So who could have a deeper pussy than a fat chick? Lets just say the guy went from fucking her, to fisting her and then schlurrp! He just wasn't enough till he was trying to climb out. Kinda wish I could meet a SSBBW like this.

I always say bigger is better. This immobile is mobile riding in the back of this minitruck giving her body away for free.

Ofcourse I have love for the Pears. I love fat chicks cause there big. I like big tits and I'm fond of asses but thats last on my list. If your big everywhere else then the small tits can slide.

Speaking of big tits cause the sexy voluptous and the intriging shemales aren't the only women who make me cream myself. She's got the nice hourglass figure and perfect big tits with looong erect nipples, mmm. Sadly my scanner didnt catch all the colors. She's a whit girl with pink hair and supossed to be a pink patch but didnt go over black well(accident). Yes she has green eyes.

Three fetishes combined of mine; preggos, golden showers and lactation.
I may go back and color these, not sure. I know I'm still considering joining Deviant Art.

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