Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No more Djarums

Now, I love Djarums they're the only thing I smoke. so this news is pissing me off about Obamas FSPTC Act. outlawing all cigarettes with a flavor thats not menthol. This includes Kreteks(Djarum, etc.) aswell. This means those of use who dislike "normal" cigarettes will need to resort to stashing and outsourcing for them.

Bans the use of flavors in cigarettes (including cloves, cinnamon, candy and fruit
flavors), with the initial exception of menthol cigarettes,
the most popular cigarette flavor. The exemption was reportedly influenced
the Congressional
Black Caucus
and Philip Morris USA,
which supported the bill.[3][4]
The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee provisioned under the
bill is
to submit a recommendation on menthol cigarettes to the United
States Secretary of Health and Human Services
no later than one year
its establishment.

I dont agree with this at all, hopefully I will be able to obtain my Djarums online or somewhere. Source: Wikipedia

Why is it that everyone else must suffer for other fools? Dont get me wrong I figured Obama would be a refreshing soda to this country but I do not agree with the banning of Clove cigarettes. Here is a bit of info on it: Thomas. I was hearing what I thought was rumors from the local places I get smokes from and it pisses me off. Theres not much we can do because of the dumbasses associated with it like the FDA, and ACS. One guy that knows me as a regular said they are working on banning all cigarettes probably not but I can halfway agree with him. First no smoking in public places, now the banning and lessining of choice varieties. I agree with everything but the banning of kreteks. My fianceƩ said they need to ban all cigarettes and not only certain ones. See this right here: Bloomberg. But you know they will still make money selling them online.


  1. Yah, I empathize w/ ya! Not sure where you are...I'm in NorCal, but they did replace the normal kreteks (Djarum) w/ a 12-pack of what they now call clove "cigars." Ha-ha-ha. Still by Djarum & still "Specials." So they are basically the same as Specials, but a tad bit thicker. The paper is slightly lighter in colour, but the flavour is still basically the same. Smoking one now, as a matter of fact. :) -Sorry- Anyhow, go to a cigarette specialty shop...they should have them in stock by now wherever you may be. Here, they overlapped sales of the cigars from the 'normal' Djarums, straight away! So fortunately, I was never really w/o. Right now, only Specials & Black are in stock in ALL the stores & shops I've visited. And you're right; you can still purchase Djarum (all flavours) online. Might be more expensive due to shipping fees. But hey! If you're hooked, you're hooked! Right? (BTW: my lungs have never bled from smoking cloves...old wives tale?) Hmmm...so yes, I was quite miffed at the fact our sweet Djarums were banned from stores. Some of our local cig-shop owners tell me they will soon be selling all flavours (Supers, Lights, Cherry & Vanilla, etc...), but only in the “cigar” 12-pack form. Good Luck! :)

  2. Hello again Mr. Jax! Thought you might appreciate the following “Scattered Thought” blog: http://cjcotton.wordpress.com/2009/08/22/flavored-tobacco-banned-djarum-cloves-goodbye/

    Hope you don't run screaming down the road w/ your head ablaze, but I offered up this blog to that blog. I ASS-U-ME(D) you wouldn't really be all that disgruntled as we're all on the same page (in a sense).

    Hope you enjoy the discussion.



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