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Daria: Exploring Myself From a Different View

I'm obsessed with Daria and While I was at work today I was reading a Pride Magizine I got at Pride Festival in July or June whenever it was. Anyway I never realyl read it but I found it in my backpack so I did. Got the idea for a Daria short story. Now granted I was at work so I had to do this off the top of my head, also I hadn't watched the DVDs in a while. There might be some inconsistancies or some errors cause fo when and where I wrote it. Duh. Save me the negative comments I know whats all wrong(like how I dont remember the councelors or her room mates name). And anyone who has seen the whole show from Pilot to finale should know character development and seeing this is fan-fiction and not following the story-line persay.

Jane just joined the end of Art Camp party. She's tryong to avoid her room mate who came on to her that night.
"I know I come on as wierd or strange to the rest of the world." Jane says to herself. "But what would make anyone have the damndest idea of me being gay?"
Just then her room mate spots her in the corner. "Hey, you okay?" She asked.
"Well, I had this gay chick come on to me..." Jane said sarcastically.
"I said I was sorry, can't you just accept my appology?" She asked.
"How would you like it if I came onh to you?" Jane asked.
"Well..." She started.
"Nevermind, I forgot thats what you was wanting and hoping for. Why would you think I was gay in the first place?"Jane asked.
"I'ts not about me thinking or hoping you were gay. Okay I was kinda hoping just a tad but I wasn't expecting it. You coulda been bi." She said answering Janes discerning look. "Can we go in private, I donm"t wanna cause a scene in front of our fellow colleagues." She asked.
"So you can rape me? Hell no, I want witnesses."Replied Jane.
"Please, I hate it when people are all in my bussiness, I promise I won't rape you unless you want me to." Explained her room mate, pointing at all the other campers.
"Sigh, I guess. But let me warn you; a paintbrush is a deadly weapon in my hands." Agreed Jane.
They make some plates to go, leaving the mess hall party. DRops of Jupiter play on the boombox.

Walking back to the cabin they notice the star lit sky and their teacher/counselor.
"Beautifull night tonight, just look at those stars." Said her room mate.
"Real heteromantic." Said Jane in a Daria like manner.
"See, I knew you'd make good friends!" Said the teacher as she sat on a log sketching an owl.
"Yeah, we're getting real close." Jane said sarcastically.
"Never be afraid to to try new things, make good close friends. Don't let you childhood or teenhood go to waste." The teacher said as they parted ways.
"Think she knows something?" Wondered Jane.
"The councelors around here are a tad eccentric." Replied her room mate as they walked in the door.
"It's amazing how they fit six bunks in here, these cabins aren't very big."Said Jane.
"You know I ment what I said about not expectinig you to be gay and all." She exclaimed
"Oh, I believe you." Jane said brashly.
"I'm forreal. Look, you're different and I like that. You seem prety cool. Thats what makes you attractive to me."She explained.
"You seem pretty cool too. Look I'm not the average person, I don't have friends or try to be a trendsetter, fit in or whatever." Jane explained.
She grabs Janes hand and looks at her deeply. "Thats whats so wonderfull about you. You have a strange aura. I don't want to loose you as a friend. Do you have a boyfriend?" Asked her Room mate.
"I did till my ex-bestfriend stole him." Jane said angrally.
"Well put it this way, don't be to mad. You can have him as much as I can have you, I promise you'll find somebody I find it's hard for people our to find what they want. They may not even last long." Her room mate preaches.
"I guess, but it stil pisses me off thinking about them." Said Jane letting go.
"Uhh, tell me about your friend."Her room mate asked, looking around.
"Sigh, her names Daria. SHe's smart, cynical, sarcastic, funny and I'm like her only friend ever."Jane goes on. "DArias always there for me. Hell if you think I'm wierd, meet the queen. She can get clingy but even after the "Tom thing" she was still there and I was too mad to care. Damn I suck as a friend."Jane said scolding herself.
"Sounds like you know what you want." Whispered her room mate. "Now let's not miss the party."

The next day as everybody was getting ready to go and waiting on their rides.
"Hey cutie, how's it goin?" Asked her room mate.
"Fine, just waiting for my brother." Jane answered.
Trent pulls up in the "Tank" which has probably lost a muffler.
"What is that?" Asked her room mate in surprise.
"That would be my brother, Trent." Jane replied.
"Hey Janie, I would've drove my car but it seemed to have cought on fire." Said Trent.
"Thats their bands van. The Tank. The're called Twisted Spiral." Jane told her ex-room mate.
"We gotta move, the guys don't know I'm gone, We're suposed to be 'taking five'. Who's your friend?"Asked Trent.
"Trust me, you don"t have a chance."
Turning to her ex-room mate. "Oh and I'm going to talk to Daria when I get back in town." Said Jane.
"Good. Don't loose your friendship." Her ex-room mate said.

On the Ride back to Lawndale Trent spikes a conversation.
"It's good to see you wanting to make up with Daria, Janie. Said Trent.
"Yeah, I know what I want."Explained Jane.
"Ahh, thats good." Trent says as he has a song epiphany.
"Hmm... I want the farm not just the cow. I know what I want now. I won't drown, I know what I want now. Uhhh, I know what I want now..." Sings a lost Trent.
"You can't keep me down." Sugested Jane.
"I know what I want now, you can't keep me down."Sung Trent.

Jane goes over Darias house first thing entering Lawndale. She knocks on the door and Daria answers.
"Come to finish me off?" Daria asked.
"No I come to appologize." Jane explained.
"If your forreal, this better be good." Said Daria.
"Daria, I'm sorry. Your my friend and I don't want to loose you over some guy." Jane tells her.
"Well thats good, now I can stop wearing this bulletproof vest. It itches." Daria joked.
"There was this girl there at Art camp who came on to me, then we talked for a while and..." As she ran outta things to say, she nervously leaned in and gives Daria the best kiss she can muster.
"Unggh!" Daria yells as she pushes her away. "What is wropng with you?" Daria ask Jane, looking surprised.
"I had a epiphany at Art camp, I know it's wierd buft so are we. Can't explain it but I'm not mad at you any more! I miss you Daria! Don't you underdstand!?"Yelled Jane.
"I underdtand your off your rocker lady, I don't even kiss my dad." Said Daria.
"But Daria..." Started Jane.
"It's been crazy lately, it's good to be friends again but you might be going a tad far." Said Daria annoyed.
"Daria, I need you. We met for a reason." Whined Jane.
"Look, gop home and eat, take your meds, sleep.You're acting crazy." Said DAria as she shuts the door.
Jane walks back to Trents van.
"Give Daria some time Janie. She'll come around, she's cool like that." Explained Trent.
"Sigh." Jane breathed sadly.

Mean while at the Morgendorfers as Daria watches Sick Sad World.
"Daria, what was your friend crying about?" Asked Quinn. "As if I care".
"Jane was proclaiming her home-sickness by kissing me."Answered Daria.
"Ewww! I shouldn't have asked." Whined Quinn.

At dinner, Quinn is rambling on about some Fashion CLub things, till...
"Thats nice Quinn. Daria, I see Janes back, are you two still friends?"Helen asked trying to change the subject.
"Well, she does want to be friends." Daria replied.
"Daria and Jane kissed each other!" Quinn blurted out.
"Daria, is this true?" Asked a surprised Helen.
"I knew something was up between you two girls!" Yelled Jake spittiong mashed potatoes.
"Jake, calm down. Maybe thats the new hip thing." Said Helen.
"I'm done here, Carry on your dilusions of grandure without me." Said Daria annoyed.

In her room, Jake peaks in:
"Daria, can we talk?" Asked Jake.
"Sure if we close our eys and try really hard." Daria said sarcastically.
"heh heh. Uhh sure kiddo. But seriously, if Jane wants to make up with you you should take it."Explained Jake.
"It's more than that, she really kissed me and that was wierd." Replied Daria.
"Look Daria, it doesn't matter what kinda friends you are aslong as your still friends, We just want you happy. Ol' Jakie doesn't miss a beat. DOn't loose a good friend, ever since you to met you've been a different person. Even grew a little." Explained Jake.
"I think I'll sleep on it. Thanks dad." Said Daria.
"No problem kiddo." Said Jake as he shuts the door.

Not too long after Daria falls asleep She starts to dream. Dreaming of how better her life is with Jane. Having flashbacks and then fantasies about sharing pizza, holding hands at one of Trents concerts, making out in her bed.
"Gasp!" Daria waking up starteled, walks over to Janes.
"Daria, it'd two in the morning. What do you want?" Jane asked sleepilly.
Daria gives her a hug and a hard kiss just like Jane did her.
"I love you too, Jane." Whispered Daria.

Yeah I think it's still pretty good. Who knew it'd end that way, although it was kinda obvious I guess. I like it. I just gotta recover my other Daria piece.

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