Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kentucky trip

 I have this plan in the near future to go take a trip all over Kentucky. Some people wanna see the country or the world, I haven't seen 20% of my own state, why would I want to go running off and seeing the rest of the world. I started looking at Kentucky through Google Maps and still havent finished actually. It gave me more inspiration with my plan, simply staying in cheap motels and sleeping in the car. I noticed theres alot of farm land and wodded type areas and a few mountainous type sections. I figure so far maybe taking two monthes or so out of the year to go to these other cities and towns. And we'll be taking the Mustang!!!! I'll blog about it, take pictures and video. I want to get this state out of the way before I go to Minnosota, or Tennesee, any of those places just yet.

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