Thursday, March 4, 2010

Food Fight!!!!!

I really like this picture, fuck I'd be willing to play the game. I can only imagine what types of fighting styles they'd have. Let me know if you know who the original artist is who did this and let me know if he/she has more. I love this drawing style, almost like the same style used for Invader Zim or Foamy. I actually prefer these over the original characters, not to mention I can picture a dark satire of the characters they are based on. This insired me to do my own versions. Lets see how extreme I can get with pencil. BE paying attenton to my Deviant Art page. You've got Ronald McDonald, Wendy, The Noid,  Oven Mit, Carl Jr.(didn't even know he has a name wierd), Caeser, Jack, The Colonel and The King. LOL, I could see the Noid being a dirty trickster and the creepy smiing King with some Matrix style fighting.

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