Friday, April 9, 2010


Okay, I was born in 1988, so I got to somewhat whitness the 90's. And I love the 90's and damneer every aspect. I used to say that if I ever built my time machine idea I would relive the 90's and be able to fully enjoy it, as an adult. I might sound like a geezer talking about living in the 50's and 60's but- I am! Accept it's better cause I'm talking ant the 90's and I'm in my 20's. I love the music, the TV shows, the clothing styles anything you coukld think of- the food, shit!

Back then you had worth while tv like ABC's T.G.I.F. and The WB's eavening line-up. Who can forget Saved By The Bell, Family Matters, Unhappily Ever After,  Nick Freno: Liscensed Teacher. How about; Boy Meets World, Full House or Fox Kids Club?  Let me list a few cartoons for you: Bonkers, Darkwing Duck, Wheres's Waldo, Reboot, Mighty Max, Sonic the Hedgehog and Bruno the Kid. Hop on the Googlemobile and take a ride down memory lane. We can't leave out my #1 toon nomatter what, the chick I could relate too and the chick my fianc'e most resemble's. Daria!!!!! I can't remember the name of the town but I'm so fuckin happy she moved away from Bevis, Butt-head and Mike Judge. ALmost nobody understands Daria, and it's not hard to. Man, do I love Daria. I wish I coulda been on the show, I wish it didn't end. I got all seasons and movies on bootleg. TThere was bign issues on getting the show to video and DVD. That was no simple show. Some of it made it to VHS and DVD but not without comprimise. MTV woulda had to get permission to use all the songs- which were songs heard on the radio like most notable Will Smiths Get Jiggy With It. I could go on and on about the show but that may be another post.

Theres also nothing like the  music of the 90's, alot of it you an still hear now on radio stations like 100.5 Generation X radio and 102.3 The Max, if you're local. If you're not those stations air online aswell. If you listwn you'll hear more 90's stuff than 80's and 70's. All the artist we know and love were doin their thing. Not retired or doin other shit like being dead. The music was pure, those were good times. I'm listening to the stuff right now. I do love the 2000+ stuff but most of the stuff I like, I was born and raised and thats the stuff from the 90's like, Ini Kamoze, Arested Development, KrissKross, Tonic, No Doubt, N*SYNC, Britney SPears(the good years). Remember Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Coolio?  Sometimes I wonder what happened to people like Mia X, KrissKross, Shaggy or Prince Paul.Sigh, to hear those 90's beats, flows and vocals 5takes me back. I can remember being six years old, riding in Roxanne singing Here Comes The Hot Stepper  by Ini Kamoze. Knowing every word.

I wasn't big on movies being a kid and all so I can't exactly comment on alot of those. I do remember watching black folks movies and seeing all the famous faces.Sticking together to make a great  movie. You can't get that shit nowadays, last movie like that was Friday After Next. I think I'll leave you with  Cherish the times you had aqs much as the ones your having, because nomater what I'll never get the 90's back even if I collected as m uch of it as I could. It makes me sad that it's gone and I was at the rightfull age to perfectly remember it all.

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