Saturday, April 3, 2010

Zerophilia: Tying it together

 It's been about a week and I went to seek some information about what was going on. I went to a doctor, although I didn't say anything about me actually being a boy. If I knew what my messed up disease or whatever was called, I could probably find better help. What he told me was at fourteen, it appears I was having a late period and wondered why I was never given "the talk". I had to actually disguise myself as myself, try to keep my voice deep and had to steal some of my mothers pads. The doctor was kinda on edge told me to get some tampons and stop wasting his damn time, I'll live. I got back in character and left with stares. I gotta keep this as secret as possible. I figure I'll go see my sister. I can always come to her for... "Aaaahh, leg cramp." I walk everywhere, whats goin on? "Owoooo! This fuckin hurts, my pelvis. uuunnngh!" I sat down at a bus stop feeling my ass spread in my shorts as my hips grew out. It was over as soon as it began. It stillhurt when I walk but it was mostly the tight ass shorts, only a bajillion more blocks to go.

Fuck, Dre's here. My lil nephew. "Whassup unc!" Said Dre as he answered the door. "What you doin here?"
"I gotta talk to Penny about something important, wheres my favorite nieces though?" I said.
"Penny's in the back, she don't wanna be bothered with, right now."Explained Dre. Which would be true accept when it come to me and her boyfriend Tim. So I gave my nieces a visit. Pandie, Shink and Felicia.
"Yall be good and stop given yo mama trouble." I said walking to the back.
"Aye, J. Get me one of them ciggs from her, them things are thunder! She got some mint flavored cigarettes." Explained Dre.
So I walk back to her bedroom, where she's on the phone. "Hey Jerry, give yo big sister a hug!" She exclaimed.
"Dre wanted another cigarette. What the big deal about them? He said they were mint flavored?" I asked.
"Here, try one." She said as I lit one. "They're cloves, called Djarum Black." She finished.
"These things are dilicious. Which reminds me, I gotta show you something." I said as I slowly stop disguising my voice and took my hat off letting my just-over-shoulder length hair fall out. "What the fuck is wrong with me? " I asked as I take a drag on that Djarum Black.
"Jerry, you stopped taking yo pills!" Penny said with a gasp.
"Thats right, dammit. I didn't think they were doin anything so I stopped taking them. Who knew I was actually a girl."I said as the nice kretek smoke left my mouth.
Dre was listening on the other side of the door.
"What do you know about this?" I asked.
"You are a boy, I swear. Follie was having some pregnacy problems when it came to determin what you was but from the last ultrasound to when you came out, you was a boy. One day over your house you switched to a girl and from what I know, you did it often til they started seeking out help. It was kinda hard keeping you out of the news but they did it. Basically you've been on and off meds since about two or three and by four, daddy could't deal with it and left. Thats about all I know. I wouldn't go to any family about this." Penny discussed.
"Don't worry about that. I wondered why as I guess they were wearing off, I'd have these strange feelings and urges so to speak." I said.
"What the fuck!? J's a girl? Wait a minute...Said Dre to himself.
"Look, I've got boobs and everything." I said lifting my shirt. "It's okay, we're sisters now." I spoke followed by a dry giggle.
"Wow." Penny said.

 I put my shirt, I should say shirts back on and checked down my pants as the red sea flows strong and I tried to make a pad work with a pair of boxers. "Uuug, you have a tampon or two? I'm having a heavy day. Atleast till I can get some panties." I asked with no shame surprisingly. Boy I'm kinda getting used to being a girl. Until Dre busted in looking for a smoke. Before I could put my hat back on too.
"Aye, Unc. You got my cigg from Penny yet? Wait a minute, How'd your hair get that long?" Asked Dre, just barging in like he does.
"Get the fuck outta my room, Dre." Spoke an unamused Penny.
"Naw Penny. I wanna know what the hell is goin on. Why Jax looks like a bitch. You crossdressin or somim, whats up?" Said Dre angry and confused.
"Here's a cigarette, now get out." Yelled Penny.
"I'm not a damn crossdresser, Dre. I'm a girl, alright. Now please don't make a big deal about it. I..." I started to say when I was interrupted.
"Dre, don't tell anybody. Nobody. This is serious shit. Said Penny.
"I won't tell nobody, I swear." Dre said with a laugh.
"Better not, I'll can still kick your ass."I threatened. "We're serious, man."
"Okay, I won't say anything. Wait, hold up. We all know I can beat you up especially since you a girl now." Said Dre.
"Look, tell somebody an this 'lil' girl will give you a ass-whuppin." I said dryly lighting another cigarette.
"Okay, okay Unc. I mean Aunt J." He said with a smirk.

We went to the living room where she explained it to my nieces and how it ws imperative, they never talk about it to anyone outside of that apartment. Although how many peopl in my family actually know is a given.
"I think I'll try to enjoy my newfound woman hood. Since I'm probably stuck this way till this re-puberty is over with." I said grabbing at my breast.
"Well, Jerry; bein on a period is probably the worst time to try enjoy being a girl." Explained Penny.
"You've got to get me a pack of these." I said as I gave my nieces a hug and heading towards the door hearing Dre say, "Watch out fo them boys!" I guess all I can do is let my hair down and have some fun.
"Hey little sister, look for a phychiatrist named Dr. Mofeedi. I remember him being around alot!" Penny yells. I yell thank you as I walk down the street tying my shirt up. You know, it felt pretty good being called little sister. Thats why I love my Penny.

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