Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zerophilia: Acceptance 1

 Okay, this period is lasting a tad longer than it should have. I called the doc and he said because of the fucking meds, I might have a regular female period or a tad longer than a week. Good news is I'm not bleeding as much. I might give this body a test drive, ah dunno yet. I just gotta hide this shit from my mamma till the time is right. I've been selling the pills, turns out if you don't have an imbalance, they make good drugs-like taking a anti-depresant and a ritilin or stratera at the same time. I hate hiding myself but it's better than having her worry more about me seeing as she pretty much gots a son and daughter to watch out for, sigh. Atleast it's a good time to clean out my closet. Yeah, I went and traded some of my clothes for some chick stuff. And with my money I'm headed to the Mall!!!!

 This is the biggest mall in Kentucky: Bluegrass Village. Ahh, walking through these big ass doors getting hit by the tupperware scented a/c vents and whats behind door number two? Only the pure enjoyment of snooty workers, roaming cliques, recycled air, rent-a-cops watching every body under 30 and not tomention getting attacked by cell phone kiosk people and perfume ladies. It could be the woman in me but I love the mall. If I was a guy that could be interpeted as sarcasm. I've actually never really gotten any curiosity about the chick stores, and girly stuff. I guess now I can proudly go into Rave or Body Shop. Plus now I really have a reason to get my ears pierced. Actually I think I'll see what they have in the Limited and Limited Too. I'm looking for some hip huggers and bell bottoms.
 "Hello. Let me know if you need anything." The Lady hanging up clothes greeted me with.
 "Uh, yeah. I'm looking for hip huggers but I don't exactly know what size pants I wear, I'm not dumb I just..."I started to explain.
 "Usually shop with your mom?" She finished. Hey, thats better than what I was gona say.
 "Yeah, it's kinda embarrasing saying it though, now that I well you said it." I told her.
 "Don't worry, here's a secret: Get a few different sizes of whatever pants you like and try them on. MOst places won't let you but I'm the manager so it's cool. That way it'll be easier to find what you want." She said with a slight whisper.
 "Thank you, so much." Is pretty much all I could say to her. Nobody would give a guy this kinda hook up.

 So I went over and found some nice stone washed capris. Turns out, even though my waist shrunk, it's not too far off from what I'd wear as a guy. I don't think I like capris that much but I can learn. I'm not some skinny girl, I'm kinda chubby or thick but no pooch-belly, heh. So I bought the capris and a miniskirt. I went to Journey for shoes but they were too high, maybe next time. I did find a nice Ed Hardy Purse that was cheap. Hey, I've got like three hundred dollars to spend. Okay here it goes, I gotta move fast if I wanna make it past the T-Mobile kiosk. "Excuse me young lady..." Dammit! "Do you have a cell phone?" He continued. "Well, yeah. What middle school kid doesn't have a cell?" I said with an eye roll. " I think you should try our new plan, first two months free." He said with an instagtious tone. "No. I have a phone, fool." I agitatedly explained. When he wrapped his arm around me I was thinking of taking advantage of my new jailbait body and yell rape or something but Ed hit him in the head. I hope it wasnt too Hardy, not like theres anything in it. Never heard a girl say theres nothing in her purse before huh? Don't worry it'll be buldging and pulling stiches by the end of the week. I still feel okay checkin out the girls walking around and love checking out the guys. I was just taking a rest, seeing as I'm wearing my mammas flip flops and damn are they uncomfortable. See! Thats why I've never worn these.

 After my poor footsies were rested, I continued on to clairs, to get my ears pierced. Almost fucked that up:
 "Hey, how much is this gonna hurt?" I asked fearfully.
 "Just a pinch. Not that much for that long." She explained.
 Then all I heard was the click of here point twenty-two caliber pierce pistol and what felt like an actual bullet passed thru my ear.
 "Ahhh, fuck!" I yelled as I almost cause her to rip my ear open.
 "Woah, wait a minute. let me release the ear ring first." She said as if she was always on gaurd for this kinda stuff. "You still want the other one pierced, sweetheart?" She asked.
 "Sigh, might as well, besides I paid for it. An I wanna look pretty. I said goin from krummugeon to cheerfull.
 "Alright, here we go." Speaking with bliss as she dabs my other ear with alcohol.

 God damn, that shit hurts.

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