Friday, June 4, 2010

Zerophila: Acceptance 2

I make my way towards Hot Topic to get some trip pants, I go in Rave to see what neat stuff they had. All that gaudy lookin shit thats in today. Well off to the Topic. When I walk in, get a decent greeting you probably wouldn't expect from goths, metalheads or emos.
 "You need help finding anything?" Asked a goth product stocker.
 "No, thanks. Om just looking around." I said with a slight apathetic tone. Hey, I'm trying not to look like an outsider. Cause this chick was looking at me. She didn't work there, just shopping. Just sexy, can't forget that lil part. If I were a guy I'd talk to her. She's the same hieght as me but she's got middle-back length hair, pale white skin or goth make up on. Black lipstick, what could be a nice set of tits, slightly skinnier then me, wearing skinny jeans with a Tool shirt kindly displaying her belly button ring. I have been in here for like five minutes and I swear she's looking at me. Alot. I don't know if she's looking at me, looking around or what. I didn't want to jump to conclusions.

 Okay, I happen to glance up and she's on the opposite side of the asle. Looking at me.
 "Hi." Is all she mustered.
"Whassup."I replied.
 She grinned and looked down at something. So I grabbed a nice pair of trip pants with the green on the sides and went to the dressing room. I sear I thought I saw her walk by trying to peak. So I hear a knock on the door...
 "Hey, wait a minute." I yell.
 "Open the door, I wanna see how you look." Demanded this crazy girl stalker. But in a svelt kinda way.
 "What? No."I said, most annoyed already.
 "Let me in there with you, it's okay I promise. I'm not gonna beat you up or anything. Please." She whispered through the door crack.
 "I know you're not." I said talking about her beating me up. "What do you want?" I ask her. She doesn't seem like I thought she'd be, by the way she dressed.
"You." She said quietly. "My names Nikki." She told me.
 I let her in. As she shut the door I asked: "So you were checkin me out?"
 "Yeah, I think your cute, sorry for coming off a tad wierd." She said with a relief.
 "It's okay, I thought you were cute when I first seen you." I admitted.
 "Thats good. I think you look good in those pants too. If you want I can steer you toward the right direction, when it comes to shoppin here." Thats what Nikkis mouth said anyway. Her eyes, they were saying; you are sexy and you should be naked while we got tha chance.
 "So you a goth, right? I need a lil goth in my life. Oh and my names Kiva." I slyly spoke, wanting to kiss those black lips.

 So far Nikki's wonderful, she helped me add a lil goth to my wardrobe. Funny thing is Jax has a pretty good style goin, now it's time for something similar for Kiva. I as Jax have yet to hit it off this good. We went to the food court and had lunch. Ofcourse I love me some Rocky Rococo's Pizza. She had Sub-Way.
 "So are you gay or just bi? I'm bi and I mean really bisexual and not just trying to be in that group of people who take it as a fad." I exclaimed a tad irratable.
 "Okay, okay. I never said I didn't believe you. Yes, I am gay, I hate to imagine some dick anywhere near me whether man or shemale. She said non-chalantly with a bit of seriousness about not wanting dicks exposing themsleves to her.
 "Sooooo, you couldn't picture that sub of yours a nice big cock ready to mmmm give you a cumbath?"I said with a sneer.
 "Ew. Gross-nasty. I don't even like using dildos..." Started Nikki.
 "You haven't had sex till you've given each other the best orgasim with a double dong."I said as if I've ever used one.
 "I don't know about that." Said Nikki nervously.
 "Please." I said leaning foward kissing her on the lips.
 "I could try. Hell I'm with a black chick finally. Gimme more sugar!" Nikki said wanting more kisses.
 I've got a girlfriend, now I've got to get a double dong...
 "I had a good time with you, wanna ride home?" She asked.
 "What? How old are you?" I asked surprised.
 "I'm the same age as you, I have a Honda Helix 125, that my dad dropped a 650cc Silverwing drivetrain in. I just gotta keep it slow." Nikki explained.
 "Okay, just drop me off in back though." I agreed.

 Fuck! I forgot I am supossed to be a boy.  I'm doin all this sht and she's gonna think I'm wierd we can't never chill at my house. I couldn't even begin to explain why I gotta disguise myself as a boy to go home. This isn't gonna work unless I just come open as a zerophiliac. It was a fun ride- holding her tits the whole ride. Making out at the red lights. I still need to find a double-dong.

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