Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zerophilia: Me Too

"God dammit, what time is it? I got shit to do today." Said Jax with a stretch.

  He goes upstairs to make himself a bowl of cereal. On his way he admires his new lair. Sitting the bowl down, he opens the closet with Kiva's clothes in it and goes through the dresser drawer with her underwear in it. "Yeah, she doesn't need anymore clothes." Jax thought.  He turns on the radio and finishes his cereal.  “But I think I’ll go to the mall anyway.” He attempts to take a quick shower. As the shower warms up, he starts to enjoy it more as hot showers turn him on. After about ten minutes he needs to relieve himself. Jax grabs his bike and rides to the mall. He hasn’t been to the mall in ages. He’s been wanting to, but that’s where he met Nikki. It’s been nearly a month since they last talked and up until recently he dreamed about her.

  Of course, all modern day teens feel right at home cruising the mall. Besides nothing is better than a little me time. Right now he needs that more than anything. Everything in his life is just off at the moment. He just needs to take an ek-stasis. Eventually everything will become clear. Things happen he didn’t want to, he is doing things he doesn’t really want to as much. Shit he’s too young to be doing in the first place.

  He stops in Sun Coast to check out movies and anime paraphernalia when he sees some kids acting dumb. As soon as he turns back to his business; “Hey, who the fuck you starin at?”

   “Me?” Jax Asked.

  “Yeah, you. Who the fuck you starin at?” He asked again. His two friends quiet. Waiting.

  “Dawg, I’m minding my own business. Doin my shit. I’m not worried about you or your friends.” Jax explained.

  “I think you are. You bout to get stepped to, son.” Tall friend said.

  “Aieght, I’m done with this nonsense.” Jax said leaving.

  He walks over to Clair’s to like, look at ear rings and junk. Totally! He simply tells the employees, he’s shopping for his girlfriend.

  “She must be only lucky girl,” Said Julie. “To have you buying gifts like this.”

  “Yeah she’s wonderful,”  Replied Jax. “I figure she could use a new pair of earrings and maybe a purse.”

  “Look at this fag, buying purses and shit.” Shawn said from outside Clair’s.

  “Right. Faggit ass nigga.” Cory said.

 “We gon’t fuck him up, just cause he looks like a fuckin mark.” Shawn said.

 “faggot ass mark.” David added.

 “Hey, thanks Julie. You have a good day too!” Jax yelled leaving.

 Jax takes time to eat lunch, eating Sbarro’s at the mall’s eatery. He sits in the corner of a raised platform type section and ignores the faces that where staring at his urban neo post apocalyptic goth wear. Whether they like it or not doesn’t concern him.  “Todays been a good day,” he thought to himself.

  “Yep, today’s been good. Got to go to the mall, bought some shit.” Jax said to himself.

  “Hey, I like your outfit!” Julie said. “You’re like Goth-tastic.” She laughed.

  “Well you’re like the happiest goth I’ve ever saw. Thanks, you don’t look too bad either.” Jax replied.

  “You come here often?” Julie asked.

  “Yeah, I used to. Might start making it here more often. Help clear my head.” Jax replied.

  “That’s awesome, dude,” Said Julie. “You could hang out with us. Why do you need to clear your head?”

  “I do things I shouldn’t. But it gets me money. My girlfriend dumped me for this…uh…disease. This disease I got.” Jax explained to her.

  “Oh, is it like fatal?” Julie asked.

  “No, it’s just like can be hindering or something. It’s hard to explain.” Jax continued.

  “Harsh, dude.” Julie said looking a lot more concerned.

  “Yeah, can’t really talk about…” Jax started to say before those guys from Sun Coast walked up.

  “Hey, there’s that mark ass fag!” Said David.

  “Excuse, me for a second,” Jax asked Julie. “Look guys, what is your fucking deal? I ain’t done shit to you guys. Why do you persist in being a couple of jackasses?”

  “Man, damn that shit. You came to us in a disrespectful way.” Said Shawn.

  “What did you do?” Julie asked.

  “They were in Sun Coast being dicks talking about stealing shit. All I did was be in the aisle on the other side and look up.”  Jax told her.

  “Well, now you about ta be on the other side of my fist, Cuz” Threatened Shawn.
  Shawn gave him a left cross, Jax stepped to the outside of his punch and back handed him. Cory and David tackled him to a table so Shawn can get some punches in. Shawn punches him in the stomach a few times before Jax manages to kick him in the nuts and then in the face when he stumbles back. Jax takes his left leg and wraps it around David’s. He slides his leg over and heels him in the balls till he let’s go. Giving Cory some shots in the side he starts to punch him in the face. Cory tries to swing back and gets his fist slapped, elbowed in the shoulder with a follow up back handed punch to the temple. Shawn comes back with a chair and gets two hits in before Jax grabs it and kicks him back in the stomach.  

  “Do you need help?” Julie asked.

  “Naw, I’m about to end this. What is your name anyway?” Jax asked her.

  “It’s Julie. What’s yours” Julie responded.

  “There’s a Julie at Clair’s. I am Jax.” Jax greeted. Dodgeing a punch.

  “Yeah, but I’m not that Julie,” she laughed. “I’m Julie Rush. She’s Julie Fowler.”

  “Awesome. The same Julie that drags pocket bikes?” Jax asked.

  Jax takes a punch to the face and he starts bouncing around. He does a spin kick to Shawn’s side goes in to a stall and kicks down on David’s head. Jax stomps Shawns foot and back-flips; kicking him in the chin. Comes back with a kick in the jaw. He kicks him in the nuts one more time and gives him a left cross to the temple knocking him out. Jax sweep kicks Cory, landing him on his back and a head spinish type move landing his knee in his chest. Sending a donkey kick to David’s stomach, and a kick to his side. He gave his arms repeated kicks as he was doubled over. They gathered up Shawn and left.

  “Dude, that was awesome!” Julie yelled.

  “You really are the happiest goth I’ve ever seen.” Jax laughed.

  “Oh, and I am that Julie. The one who races, not the one from Clair’s” she explained. “Where’d you get your boots?”

  “I got them from an army surplus store downtown. I’ll take you one day, huh?” Jax Answered.

  “Oh shit. These are my friends Frank and Sam.” Julie introduced.

  “Hey, I’m Jax.” Jax introduced himself.

  “Hello.” Greeted Sam.

  “Hey.” Greeted Frank.

  “So is he like gonna be your new boyfriend or something. At least you know he can kick ass,” said Sam. “I’ll snatch him up if you don’t.”

  “So, Sam is the slutty goth…” Julie started.

  Sam gave her a middle finger. “I’m going to smoke.”

  Laughing, “right now, I could use friends more than a relationship. Both of you chicks are cute though.” Jax stated.

  “I guess I’m smoking by myself?” Sam asked.

  “Naw, I’ll go with you. Besides it’s always good to smoke after an ass whuppin.” Jax quipped.

  They go outside and hang by the doorway lighting up their smokes. Stare at people as they go by.

  "So, you ever go out? Like to goth stuff," Franky asked. "Or are you like a mall goth?"

  "No, I'm not a mall goth. I do however listen to more than just gloom rock and death rap. And yeah, everything is not black in my closet. I do like to pertain in goth stuff." Jax said with a grin.

  "Awesome." Said Franky.

  "So...what is this goth stuff?" Jax Asked.

  "Concerts and other meet and greets. Give me your number and I'll call you next time there is one." Answered Julie.

  "Cool. When are they?" Jax asked.

  "There's like one tonight, Julie." Sam said.

  "You think you can come tonight?" Julie asked.

  "Yeah, most likely. I'll probably get some money before hand." Jax stated.

  "So, I'll call you and maybe see you there?" Julie wondered.

  "Yeah, most definitely. I gotta head back in here and get some clothes for I'll see you guys tonight." Jax said walking back in the mall.

    "Hey, are you gonna bring James tonight?" Franky asked.

    "I don't know." Julie replied.

    "You know he's the life of the party", said Franky sarcastically. "And it's still weird."

    "So, you like him or something?" Sam asked.

    "No-ho, he just looked cool. Plus he laid a nice ass whuppin!" Julie stated.

    "Fuckin, happy Goths..." Sam murmured.

    "Shut up." Julie replied.

Later on while trying on clothes for Kiva, Jax got a phone call from Julie telling him, it's at eight thirty. He starts to get ready. He turns on some death rap and hops in the shower. Preparing him self by listening to Skull Bashes last album. He made sure to pick out something him and Kiva could possibly wear. A pair of black chonglers, nearly knee high boots and a militia style button down. He calls up Julie and tells her he'll be outside. He walks out the back door and hops on his moped and drives off.

  Meanwhile, at the warehouse, Jax is hanging outside by his moped smoking a djarum super when Julie, Frankie, and Sam get dropped off by Sams mom.

  "Dude! Sweet moped!" Sam yelled.

  "Thanks, I'm still saving up for mods. It's still like 50cc." Jax replied.

  "You alone?" Asked Frankie lighting a cigarette up.

  "Of course. Besides, this thing is slow with two people on it." Replied Jax, lighting  another off the first. "What's that bag for anyway? They let you take it in there?"

  "Yep, it's for my brother. He's supposed to show up tonight." Julie answered. "He usually shows up for the poetry readings."

  "You feelin aieght, Frankie?" Jax asked.

  "Yeah, I'm good. I'm about to go on in here and mingle." Frankie said walking inside.

  An hour goes by and the poetry readings or halfway over.

  "So James isn't goin to show up, I guess?" Asked Frankie.

  "He's on his way. I guess I'll stand in line for the bathroom, if he show's up tell'em I'm over there." Julie said walking away.

  "Shit, I thought they were banned." Sam growled.

  "They probably snuck in." Frankie replied.

  "Who?" Jax asked.

  "See those boys over there by the forklift?" Frankie asked.

  "Yeah, they some sort of problem?" Jax asked.

  "Yeah they like to start fights." Answered Sam "so be ready."

  "Hey, fella's. Where's Julie?" Asked James.

  "She's at the bathroom." Sam answered.

  "Whassup, you must be Jax?" Asked James, "I'm James."

  "Yeah, it's da Jax!" Jax answered.

  "Julie said you kicked some ass at the mall yesterday, wish I was there." James explained.

  "Yeah, these three guys caught me looking at them while they were talking about stealing shit and I guess they followed me to the food court, where they thought they'd jump me." Jax explained.

  "Hey, I like this chick's poems." James said.

  "You missed most of them." Sam said.

  As a local grunge band is setting up, they're sitting at a table smoking.

  "We really should smoke outside before we get caught." Frankie said.

  "Fuck'em." Jax and James said at the same time.

  "Well, I'm gonna wonder around a bit." Jax said walking off.

  "So, do you like him or something?" Asked Sam.

  "He's cool, and has nice brown eye's. But no." Said James, "besides, we just met. How could you say that?"

  "The way you look at him." Sam replied.

  Suddenly Kiva walks by and grabs his attention.

  "Now there's a hottie!" yells James.

  "Another nobody." Sam said.

  "Her outfit looks familiar though..." Frankie started.

  "Jax is walking around. I think Julie needs to come back before he does, or wonder's why he hasn't seen her." Frankie said.

  "I'm not worried about it." James said.

  "Wow that chick is really throwing down." Frankie stated.

  "There goes trouble. Those boys are talking to her." Sam said.

  "Wow, they are bold. I think I might help her out." James said.

  "This night won't last much longer." Started Sam, "she just slapped the fuck out of him."

  "There she goes. And there they go about to start another fight." Frankie said.

  "I can't believe those bastards would try that shit! I swear to god, I'll smash their heads in. Just rude and disrespectful little fuckers." Kiva said storming off.

  "She's running to the bathroom. Hold on..." James said running over to her.

  "There goes James and there goes the first start of the fight." Sam said.

  "Hey!" Hollered James, "you okay?!"

  "I'm all for bashing heads right now, what do you want?!" Kiva demanded.

  "I saw what happened and wanted to make sure you was okay." James explained.

  "I'm okay. I just need to go to the bathroom." Kiva said realizing it was James.

  While everybody's attention was on the brawl breaking out, Kiva snuck in to the boy's bathroom to change. When Jax came out he had to duck, punch and dodge to make his way to where ever Sam, Frankie, and James was. He heard Julie  yell for him and when he turned around he got smacked upside the head by one of the bands Stratocaster and hit the floor. His glasses flew off. They manages to get him outside where there were quite a number of people who didn't want to get hit or managed to escape the fray.

   "I was worried about you. It broke on your head." Julie said with a scare.

  "I thought you said he had brown eyes." Frankie said.

  "I do have brown eyes. Where's James?" Jax asked lighting a cigarette.

  "One of your eyes is grey. You sure you're okay?" Sam asked.

  "No his eyes were brown, dude you got hit hard." Julie said, looking him up and down.

  "I take martial arts, I should be fine." Jax said.

  "Your voice keeps cracking. You sure you're okay?" Julie asked.

  "I uh..." Jax started.

  "You sound like that chick I ran in to tonight." Julie stated.

  "I don't remember running in to...never mind, gotta go. Call you Julie." Jax said jumping up.

  Jax kick starts his moped and drives away.

  "So, do you think he's like you?" Sam asked.

  "Hmm, I dunno. You think he was stuffing his bra in the bathroom?" Julie asked.

  "You like him or something?" Sam asked.

  "Shut the fuck up Sam." Julie sighed.

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