Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dreams: What could they really be?

I often consider dreaming to be waking up and the act of dreaming is either another life or sometimes in my opinion the preferred one. Much can be said for the way i dream. Not every dream but most of them are in one way reoccurring. I don't have actual reoccurring dreams, but dreams where I am in my minds version or alternate version of the city I live in. I'm constantly trying to find the best way to explain this. I live in Louisville, Ky, when I have one of these dreams of series, I'm going about my business in what my brain is perceiving as Louisville, KY. The Aegon Center may have a pyramid top versus the dome, or St. Matthews mall may be nearly the size of the Mall of America. The city is always this mental variant and I always know what part of town or place I am at. One dream I was in one of our projects(Beecher Terrace) and although looking nothing like it actually does, I knew I was there.

I enjoy these dreams, because it's like when I lay down to go to sleep, I'm actually waking up, possibly just daydreaming about what we percieve as our actual reality and that reality is actually my own. Perhaps they could be glimpses at past lives or a life to be lived next, or even where we will be in death. Dying just to live again somewhere else, religion aside, wouldn't it seem more feasible to die and end up in your dream world as your next paradigm versus the good or bad place of whatever religion you may have? Or your dreams could be showing you that good or bad place... reality you may go to next, which is why there is dreams and nightmares. If that is true, then is it the higher power or your own personal Karma that'll ultimately decide your placement? There are other planes of existence and I wouldn't mind staying in the one my mind show me the most. The only other dream I've had that wasn't exactly sequential to the rest is where I happened to be a woman, and that wasn't all that bad either, I was sexy as hell.

I wrote that here on C-D. I've had similar discussions with my friends before. My girlfriend has said she has had some vivid dreams, and that they were images of past and possibly future lives of hers. Another theory of time not being linear as well, but that is another post. I believe that dreams are windows that may open to an alternate reality or paradigm. That future life she saw was probably one of her alternative lifes in it's own dimension running concurrently with this paradigm we exist in. There is a thing called paradigm shift, there are things called retrogrades and crossing of realities. A simple dream, could be a transdimensional window providing a vivid picture of any past life, or currently active other lives one is living at the same time. Another example is she also told me is once before her and a few of our friends had the exact same dream, same time, same night. They talked about it, it seemed to be a post-apocalyptic world where they were soldiers of resistance, she was doing things there would be no chance of her doing in this reality. Everything added up, the dream I believe was semi lucid. Her conscience was partially transferred to her other self. Her body was on autopilot as she didn't need to question anything she was doing. Transdimensional portal to another place she and they currently exist.

There are multiple realities or "worlds," time is a forever thing, honestly a man-made thing, but as we perceive it- a thing that never ends, a vector, in fact. It is very much possible to live lifes at the same time because there at some point in time in any existence, there probably is or was, or will be a you there. We may never really understand dreams. They can be windows to other places, things of your deep sub-conscience...or our minds playing tricks on us.

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