Monday, April 7, 2014

Blocked, Restricted

So, I have thought about removing the adult content filter thingy off my site. It's only on there because of the message boards I have my site linked on and because of the small amount of porn. This site is in a way about me and all that encompasses myself- my personal interest. I think the fact it is listed as having adult content alone is why it is blocked on certain servers. I guess eventually it would be blocked on these servers anyway without it, but I feel that just because there is porn here, it is not a porn site. This site has so much more to give than just porn. Any of it would have to be searched for.

This is what I mean, JCPS has blocked my site. It is the local public school system in which I worked as a substitute custodian. I could post and do everything but view my blog. I was at a T Mobile store recently and on one of the phones or tablets I looked at and bookmarked Stories Of Velocity and tried to do the same to this site and their server blocked this site. The Libraries do it too. People are missing out on things just because they are afraid of the porn that is only 10% of the site. I think this site has a lot to give and I am trying to do so, it shouldn't be blacklisted because of Donita Dunes or Bridgette the Midget. Although I don't post as often as I should, I haven't posted porn in two years. With a hundred and eleven post, not counting this one and some still in draft mode, you really need to look for it.

Report this site safe, Tell your webmasters that like ogres, it's like an onion....or parfait if you will. You want to see my article on those awesome apartments.

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