Thursday, December 18, 2014


Shake it up, quarter inch from the, top
hard flappin, or rip it open soft. 25 for
the guy who wants to suck a fresh fag.

They say it's dangerous to pull the nail
from the coffin, screw it, leave the
unbelievers coughin, from the
second hands good bye.

Get it electronically, or keep it
original bad boy, hipster, geek it out,
never be kool as Joe, till they see you
light that fire.

The sweet yesterdays, when the bars
were misty, how that killer cowboy
got that virginia slimmy. Straight
lovely when places would vend'm.
Might even aid in that lucky strike.

No matter if you want it pure, raw,
a little censored, you'll be awesome
and resplended. Let the fool speak,
remove your doubt, stay above the
propaganda. Light up, and draw,

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