Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goth folk are gonna go to hell

Now I was hopping the tittle would catch your eye because I know that even if you aren't Goth that type of propaganda wouldnt be excused by some folk. Actually I am a goth myself, not like fully dedicated but I'm no mall goth either. I just dont have the money to feed the lifestyle fully. Eventully I will embrace the lifestyle as much as I can. Regaurdless of how I dress goth is one of my personas which is why something like this should be a foreal LOL for those of use who are cynical or atleast are with a creul sense of humor. What I'm talking about is the God Hates Goths website; I know, the same thing popped in my head it's like that wretched church website of which it is nothing like it. Well not in the serious sense of the meaning anyway. Probably inspired by the site and those similar but only in satire. There should be some dead giveaways on its fictionality (I was thinking all the "coming soon" stuff is one) but some people will still believe.

Just to help you out on the whole ordeal, DISCLAIMER : The Godhatesgoths website, Parents Against Goth Movement and Gods Hammer Baptist Church are complete works of fiction. It is a satire/parody. When you use you are agreeing and consenting to our terms and conditions of use which we, at our sole discretion, may change in any way at any time. Furthermore we do not guarantee that any of the materials or articles or content on this site will contain no errors, nor that they will be accurate in the slightest. Nor do we state that we agree in anyway with any of the content or views or beliefs within these articles, or with the fictional views of the fictional character Rev RG Green, or any of his fictional followers or fictional members of his fictional Church. This site is meant to be viewed as black humor, parody and satire on very real people and organisations out there, who DO think goth and metal is the devil's music. For more information on people who really are speaking out against rock and goth music please view our resources section. For our complete terms and conditions please email us, and we will be pleased to supply them in full. Thank you and i hope you enjoy our site.

Because it's not on there anymore to I guess give the site new life. I know these sorta things are what pweople come up with when they decide to hate something for no reason, some of us will see it's fake without this, others will still be their gullible ass selves and other wont care, I guess.

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