Thursday, January 29, 2009

OMG, she's got a ...what!? Alright!!!!

One of my favorite things what I really love the most is shemales, thats right, transexuals, ladyboys, chixwitdix whatever you wanna call them they are sexy as fuck. Whether real or hentai theres nothing liek a girl with big ol tits and a nice dick. I've encountered some real nice ones in person and seen some on the web I could only dream of fucking ofcourse. BUt the best tranny porn is free porn, so thats what I provide for you. First thing first to give a shout out the Vix and Reese. I dont know them personally but I do enjoy their blogs very much and since this is about sexy shemales heres Reese's blog: Big Tit Transexualscom, which has loads of free galleries. Especially of one of my favorites; Holly Sweet. Here's a few of what I call money shots from Reeses last Holly Sweet blog:

I know I aint the only one whever noticed her nipples but who cares, she's ine of the sexiest trannies out there and one of the most feminine appearing like most of the good ones are. YOu get what you pay for is a saying that goes well with this. View the last Holly Sweet entry : here Someone please tell me how to shorten these links because I tried a normal HTML tags and they didnt work. Now heres another chick I like, she was my first tranny eLove and I have no idea what her name is. I'm just happy her free gallery is still up which is probably because it could be her only one. Reese happened apun her too and he didnt know her name. I guess you'd hafta join whatever site she works with. Another perfect shemale
Unknown Tranny
I don't care what anyone sez, she's cute as fuck you'll just hafta get a better look @:Smut Galleries Plus one thing I really liked was her dick, it really makes her unique.

Here are some natrual born shemales, thats right hermaphrodtes. Let me tell you thats transexuals, transvestites and hermaphrodites are not the same thing and most transexuals do not like beieng called shemales or trannies aswell as any male pronoun such as man or he-she. I find those terms that speak of them in a complete opposite manor totally disrespectful. All that work and are still called a man is wrong or vice cerca all that work and still called a woman if your a female-male, I havent forgotten about yall. matter of fact I'd like to have sex with a pree-op female-male tranny but the only one I've ever seen is I think his name is Buck Angel, I'm not attracted to him cause he looks like a Hells Angel. His site's name IIRC is Transexual-Man comor you could try Anyway heres the herms and yes they are as sexy as Aphrodite which there is probably a story between her and them somewhere. The pictures arent popping up so heres the link: Hermaphrodite and let me say real hermaphrodites arent exactly what you picture in your mind. And they cannot get themselves pregnant most of them AFAIK are stirile or only one part works. well heres some toons. I am tired of fighting these picture right now so links only(I know so sad).

I dont feel like finding anymore but look for future hentai post.

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