Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brandon Teena

I would say last night but it was more like this morning we started watching Boy's Don't Cry, when
my fiance wanted to see the real people the movie is based on. What she found was the thing Sundance aired on Youtube, it was a twelve part setup, we watched 3-12. I forgot the name of the poster though. After watching that stuff I was kinda sad, kinda pissed off. After we were done I didnt feel like watching the rest of the movie. It seems like the only video footage of Teena is the movie, put there were alot of pictures shown and she doesnt look nothing like her character portrayal. The werd thing is I felt like I knew her as if she was a friend even though she lived way in Nabraska far away from Kentucky. Born December /12/ 71, died(murdered unfairly) December /31/93. Yeah I was like six years and had no knowledge of this whatsoever.

I was hoping to write more, Now if I had Wrote this when I wanted to, it probably would be better. I don't know if I'm the only person who does things like this; all I could think about is I guess before they had a chance to shoot her I had pulled up in a old Suburban went back there and kinda slammed the guys head against the wall and the like and grabbed her I was with like three people and we took her back to Lincoln. They tried to chase us in a Caprice and I slammed on my brakes and they cracked the radiator from the impact. Man she would be like 36 last year or 35. I think I want to visit her gravesite and I guess the other peoples aswell. Funny thing is the black guy who was killed wasnt even in the movie. I also wish I had something of hers like her ID or something to remember her by. It's wierd I know but it's also wierd that its like I knew her. Maybe its me but then again if that past life shit is real, we may have known each other.

I get tired of people being killed, even though I think some people should be. She wasn't a perfect angel ut nobody is. I wish she had a second chance at life. Sigh, I dont know what else to say. Well there is the part about the house, how I hope and wish it was torn down and the fact people always focus on down here in the south about things like this when you hafta remember this stuff happens everywhere and even though the south is bad, the midwest is just as bad if not worse. Especially in those small ass towns and cities where everybody pretty much knows each other.I mean places like Nebraska, Iowa, and othewr surrounding states. I think as the south changed alot of people went that way to get away from what was happening as if up there would be any different. Okay here is the Youtube Poster whp got the Sundance BrandonTeena Story:

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