Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Junie & Me

I just got through watching the movie Marley & Me and if you dont know; it's about this guy who gets a dog for his wife as a form of a gift and to take her mind away from the list she has written to set her whole life. They end up getting what the seller called a "Clearance Dog". He had this inane ability to tear up, destory and eat anything. As horrible as the dog appeared they soon realized although hyper that they wouldnt have it any other way. I won't give away any ending and if you was listwning to 102.3 The Max you already know. Let me tell you knowing something doesnt mean a thing. Anyone who can watch this movie and not feel the same emotions I felt is , is just cold hearted.

I was reminded of my dog, Junie who had left me a few years back. I just started thinking of all that time spent with her. We basically grew up together. I got her when I was in elementary school and she was just a puppy, like a little puppy who could barelly even walk straight. I was told she was stolen by my uncles friend from a farm. We couldnt have her so she stayed with my grand mother who lived and still does in the California community. I always wanted her to be comfortable and happy. I remember fixing up a box for her to sleep in a while after we first got her and she wouldnt stay in it, but it was there for her. SHe made under the kitchen table her home as she got older. Another reoccuriong memory is when we snuck her into Krogers grocery store. I had her under my coat and every once in a while she'd pop her head out and look around. She stayed quiet the whole time.

I used to think she was some kinda Husky but when her color filled in a bit more. I was really into dogs ised to get all kinds of books from the Library, I must've read the book Bingo 3 times and seen the movie twice. Homeward Bound was the shit. I even seen the original one. We used to let her outside and we would go with her. I remember one day she ran down the street and I couldnt catch her cause when dogs are puppy's they like to play catche me. I was so pissed she wouldnt come I was yelling and cryying thinking she was gonna run away forever. Then she came back. I dont know if it was cause she was a Border Collie orr what it was maybe like Marley it was cause she was a real unique dog, not some normal dog.. I would walk her around the neibourhood at first we used a chocke chain but forgot about it and stopped using it. She never was a walk beside you type dog. Eventually she would have the run of the neibourhood or atleast the block she lived on. There was no worry about her runnin off and not coming back. Sometimes she would come back really stinky but she came back.

Junie was always friendly unless anyone but me touched her tail. She thought she was human, if you try and scold her she would give you back talk, she understood how you felt. She hated the vacuum cleaner, thunderstorms and fireworks. SHe was quick, not the fastest dog but pretty fast and agile. It's funny watching her kick up bits of grass as she does one of her tight radius turns.. The only real anger she's ever showed was when these group of boys was walking down the street when she wwas outside. We dont know why but she hated them and they only came through there one more time after that and never came down that street again as far as we know. They were lucky to get away, not saying she's mean, just saying as quick as she is.

I have fond memories of her, like when she came over my house and we let her out on her own, she ran off to who knows where. We thought she ran into Shawnee park cause we lived accross from there at 4425 W. Broadway. We looked from I dont know howw long. I looked and my friend next door lokked with me and somehow my granny and nephew showed up. So we rode around the park and nearby areas, on the way back me, my nephew and my friend rode in the trunk of the Mustang((Roxanne) and the hatch started to close so we took turns kinda holding up the hatch. ANyway by the time we got back she was upstairs watching us pull in. When I had this baskart I "modified" and would push her around in it. Or when I made a jail out of the living room table and she found a way out and ate most of my pizza I had sitting on the floor when I went to wash my hands. I can remember taking her to the park, chasing her with the water hose giving her baths. All the boy and his dog type things.

I didnt put all that I wanted to put on here, I remember just about every single thing that has to do with her, like the time I asked her if she loved me and she shook her head 'yes'. My last memory is in 2007 during that one big storm we had and he was outside. Typically if shes outside in the rain she goes to her dog house but she didnt, she ran off. I was told by my granny's friend down the street who Junie loved to visit and who also had a dog Junie played with (Those are some stories) till she died a year or two befor. Junies only other friend.. ANyway, she told me she seen Junie running down the street and tried to call her to let her in the house cause she was allowed to come in but she just looked at her scared like she's never been and took off running. I think even my uncles friend a lil furthur down the street seen her. Just about everyone who lived on that street enjoyed her company. I went looking all over the place., The whole neibourhood I checked, didnt find her. So I was watching Marley & Me tonight and towards the end I couldn't stop from crying. I could have wrote more but I don't want to. I had a dog named Junie-Carrol, LaMar Grady, I had grew up with. She would be a 16 year olf Border Collie/German Sheppard this June, and now I don't have my only friend anymore.

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