Monday, November 16, 2009

God you say?

Seems as though my internet problems are over and I cant remember most of the things I was gonna write about. But I did run across this blog on Athieism, I have yet to explorer it fully but I was shown(in a Forum I'm on having a discussion on a Athiest bilboard) a link which I will give you. Now if you are wondering or are fucking clueless I don't believe in god, heaven, hell or care for religion outside of the advice given for a decent life, like don't steal or kill. I don't exactly consider myself an athiest, I try to understand different religions through their basics and morals. Don't not return to my blog because I don't agree with religion. In this country you have a right to believe or not. I don't like pushing the issue or trying to have a long drawn out discussion and thats because I don't like people trying to "peer pressure" me into religion and a sane decent conversationo rarely comes from it. It's simply I don't understand how you can believe theres some all powerfull being and then bitch when your kid is religiously into Pokémon or Bakugan or something of the like. You can see it here: Athiest Blog

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