Thursday, December 24, 2009

Places to Visit

 I'm still trying to broaden the range of subject I put on here. Its not easy to do. I've still got stuff to add before the years over. My take on sitcoms and one more thing I can't remember. Right now heres places I want to go:

 I'm starting off with a museum I have been wanting to go to since I heard about it a few years back. the International Towing & Recovery Museum. It's in Tennesee which is about an hour and a half away from Louisville, in Chatanooga. They display all sorts of tow trucks and wreckers ever since the beginning. They like most vehicles were built by coach builders at the time. Coach builders are companies that would take a chassis and add the body, seats, console and the cframe thus making it a vehicle. Thats why certain old cars such as Duesenburgs are rare for the company built a rolling chassis to be sent to a place much akin to limo builders or armoured car companies(todays examples). Meaning a few of them were essentually converted limosines. I love tow trucks and like to draw them. My favorite are Cradle Snatchers. I wonder if they have one of those Goldwing recovery vehicles in there?

 The next place is California, more specifically Los Angles where my cousins live at. I went there once when I was too youg to remember it all or take advantage of it. Its not a place I would want to live at, as much as the car world revolves around that place KKKalifornia hates cars and blames them for everything wrong in the world. Never-the-less I would love to drive my emissions noncompliant Mustang(thats right like they used to do drive) all the way there when we have the money to do so. I have been longing to return to Cali, California here we come, right back where we started from. Maybe see a few car shows, enter some races. Go to some clubs, beaches and malls. Most importantly see my family.

 How will I get there ofcourse? Travel the old Route 66. It's the only fuckin way to do it, you tell me another logical way to do it. Since before the movie Cars, I've wanted to take that trip. Take the trip like it's supossed to be taken in an old muscle/pony car staying at those cheap lil hotels and truck stops for food. Sleeping on the side of the road if needed. Yeah we could rent an RV but that wouldn't be bear as fun. Sadly not all of it is there and I would like to see whats left to see. Get a few top end runs outta the Mustang to see what she'll do. We'll need some cameras and batteries. Laptop for internet and quick pic uploads and blogging. It's still a old school style trip even with that.

 Heres a reocurring trip done yearly tradittionally aslong as we have money, going to the Mall of America in Minnosota. I just want to shop, stay in it's hotel and check out as much as we can. I don't care about the amusement park, I just want to see stores we don't have and used to have. We used to have a number of malls here but that number pretty much dwindled to three local malls. I'm not counting strip malls, theres alot of those. If we can get the life we want to have we can shop till we drop. I say stay a week at a time so we can see atleast half of the mall. Maybe one day buy a house out there so we can spend summers. Don't take me the wrong way, I'm not a superficial person, I just want to shop there. And yeah I want a house out there just so we can go out there and shop.

 Next up is the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association or SEMA for short. I know it's not open to the public but I could care less, I still wanna go. Get to see all of the new tools and ect. Also to see where I stand with my ideas, praying someone else hasn't came up with it too. One day I'll have a booth in the show, now I just want to see the show from beggining to end. Theres not enough car tv shows and well known auto websites to cover it all. I'll get in there somehow. This is where you see all the cutting edge things. 

 I want to add Burning Man. I know they always have amazing things there. I've found random blogs that speak of it and some youtube videos. Inventors, engineers and innovators are there. People like me. I'll hafta find more info on it.

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