Monday, February 22, 2010

The Jax Rhapsody

It's da Jax Rhapsody with the real rap you see

Can't stop, Rhapsodic Laviathan Knock me down

I return again, in a pillar of flames.

See me at the local Fenderlean,

automotive emotion. Rollin with the smokin Cragers.

Ratted out with finky drivers, mudder truckers

and those driven by muzik. No rice burners just

tuned to perfection. Don't forget the classics thats

young at heart.

Jax, club thumpin wildstyle, boarderline tipsy

on my way to turvy. Jacky and Jimmy won't let you down

take the last call then lets blow twenty to four.

Club thumpin and bar hopin is good enough I dont do

the strip scene only marks love the sex tease.

I'm the unmovable object with an unstopable force

Mechaniacal genius, to improve the world or own it?

Vehicular madman under the hood/behind the wheel

The big chicks I jones, split sexuality

with the addition of dicks. Yep I get down freakilly.

I dont dissapoint and youll be exuburently dry.

Releassed and relaxed.

It's da Jax I tell ya! Fear not, please dont

he's a swell guy. Multifunctional with genres

Jax Lazzo Rhapsody: Rhapsodic Laviathan

plus shipping and handling, batteries included.

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