Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm gonna take this time to talk about sitcoms and how they cause stereotypes and effect how we live. Theres a nuber of things here. They are all pretty much a facade of real life, an inuendo. They often have real life situations but sometimes not real life outcomes.

The perfect family vs the seamingly real family. The Huxtables and the Bundy's for good example. You've got the good kids who may get into a little trouble here and there but mostly it's all about growing up and then you have the badass kids who pretty much survives off the unruly. Funny thing is that Clair worked unlike most sitcom mothers. Unless you were higher middle class or low class(Unhappily Ever After, Roseanne) The mother worked. Or if they just had a good education, otherwise a good number of them didn't work(Peg, Marge). BUt they all influence life in some way or another but rarelly and most likely just for entertainment purposes have a real life outcome. It just seems to always work out. Just like on TheFresh Prince of BelairTHey take normal situations sometimes over exagerate it and then somehow usually throught the profession of the parents come out okay, like the episode where Will and Carlton got pulled over driving Phils partners Mercedes. This is how some of use wish life was.

Fathers/Husbands: Often fat, usually dumb to a certain percent and afraid of the wife. Not to mention  can be seen outsmarted by the kids. I think it's sexist in a way; think about it, the man gets angry and the woman wins, she gets mad and he sleeps on the couch. It pisses me off because real life is not like this. I will never be put on the couch. For the most part he is not really seen as a authority figure(Ray, Al, Cliff), thik about it. How many times has Al vetoed a family decision, or Cliff has been made the bad guy for even helpinig his kids out? I think a mojority of sows don't properly show the father figure. Moreso a comedic relief or a submissive parental understudy.

I think feminist are somehow strongly apart of how the children are cast. I think it can be considered sexist in the way they are cast. I noticed it alot and it has caused me to stop watching some shows because of it. Wat I'm talking about is the sister is always older, if she's not older than she's smarter or in many ways overall better than the brother. Heres some examples:
  • Even Stevens
  • Married With Children
  • The Cosby Show
  • Roseanne
  • Simpsons
  • Drake and Josh
Now I havent seen every sitcom but from the ones I've seen excluding shows such as Home Improvement and maybe Seventh Heaven. I see it, question is, has anybody else? I say theres time for change don't you?

Here's something I notice with most sitcomes such as Friends, Will and GraceKing of Queens, Martin and Yes Dear maybe not exactly all those but shows like them they are in their twenty somethings. It's just kinda funny whaere they are at in life and the positions they are in and they have been out in the world maybe three or four years. IT's most noticable in the birthday episodes, and how they are crying about turning thirty. Who can blame them I wouldn't want to continue aging after thirty. I like these show's. Show's like friends and Boy Meets World, I used to fantasize about. Iw anted to be in a group of friends like that. I picture me and my womans life more like Martin or King of Queens. But thats okay with me.

This wasn't as indept as I wanted it to be, I had been planning to write this for a while but when I get to something came up in my personal life.

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