Sunday, June 27, 2010

Donita Dunes

  If there was ever a chick I would fuck, it would be Donita Dunes. She's almost cougarish but it doesnt rerally matter.She appears to be fairly tall, she's got sexy thick legs, like the kind you'd want wrapped around your body while she rides your dick making her pussy tight on the upthrust. A nice grabable bubble butt and the all important main reason I love her big busty, perky, saggy combo, dick fucking, tounge licking, place hands here tits. If she ever comes to Louisville, KY. I gotta get a piece. I picture it like:

  Donita was doin a photoshoot at the waterfront park. I just happen to be walking around down there smoking a cigarette. I wait till they are done before I walk up to her, introduce myself. Lay down some Louisville info but not in a nerdy way. As she gets interested, I offer to take her on some site-seeing of our beauiful city- which may give ideas for future photoshoots too. She agrees and tells me she'll come with me after they take a few more pictures at the fountains, pools and water cannons. As I put away my cell phone and light another cigarette, Donita walks up and tells me, don't worry you'll get some pictures if we hafta make our own photoshoot. Awww yeah! As we walk to my Mustang she puts her arm around my waist and I feel it slide down to my butt(Now my butt is almost like hers) and takes a squeeze. So we get in the car and she ask whre to? I say we can proabbly check out Bardstwon rd. Lotsa food and shopping there. Half way there she starts feeling my leg areas. As we make out at a red light, kissing our tounges going from fencing to trying to hold each other. She'd rather go back to her hotel downtown. I agree and she pulls out my dick and starts sucking it like it's got the antidote in it. My foot almost slipped of the clutch. All I could do is keep the car moving which was hard with those big bouncy tits clapping around the gearshift. When we got to the Mariot, we immeadiatly went up to her room, I didn't even stop to hide my errection. I pick her up in the elevator and we make out as I dry hump her pressed against the elevator wall.

  We get into her room an start pulling each others clothes off, between kissing and gropping. I grab her ass, kiss her deeply tounge and all, slide an arm up her back to make sure she comes with, when I fall on the bed- her on top. Heres what I like, when she slid down to my dick she stopped by my nipples to suck and bite before she moved those yummy tits around my dick and fucked the shit out of it. Next thing I knw those lips are rolling down my shaft and kissing the head. I push her head down everytime it springs back up. This goes on a while till I get close to cumming, I pull her up for kisses, roll her over and release apon her my patented full body massage. As she moans and groans, I kiss her all the way down to her ass. Roll her over and continue. I lay down a long soft kiss and as she draws in a breath I slip, slidding past her cheek to her neck with kissing and sucking and bitting. As her body flexes I move the kissing down between her tits to her waist and hips, adding tounge to my favorite spot the naval making her stomach roll. I slide my tounge to her clit and back to those tits where I started at the nipples with a nipple nibble washing the rest of the tit and finshing with a hard nipple suck.

 Donita flips me over slips over my dick with the best condom ever- her pussy. Oh my god what a ride, I placed my hands on her hips, she gyrated, oscilated and vibrated. When she leant foward I got some more of those massive mammories  in my mouth(What a massive memory this'll be) when she slid back and forth. One orgasim after another she rose and bounced. Looked like her yummy boobs were causing a metronome effect. She screamed "OH JAX!" I told her to turn around, she continued to ride while I felt her ass. I rose up and wrapped my arms around her bitting her neck when she arched her back, I slipped my arms under her legs leaned back and fucked her reverse missionary. Moaning from the both of us, I squeeze those tits and as shes getting one good orgasim she manages to flip around and ride my face- oh what a feeling. Especially when she starts to cum and I feel it run down and coat my face as she reaches end she moves less and it squirts in my mouth. I get up and fuck her face  Nut in her mouth till it  drools out to her tits, I pull out and white wash both those malted meltballs looking like two Andee's Snocaps you wanna sink your teeth in.
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