Friday, July 2, 2010

Kidel aka Kim DeLencio

Age: 24 years old
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Ride: 1969 Dodge Daytona
Fighting style: Breakdancing, Krumping, Kick Boxing
Bio:  Kidel is a young woman trying to differentiate herself from the ghetto black folks and leave the ghetto all together. Thats one reason she entered this contest. Don't get on this femme fatale's bad side, she'll spin your head with a headspin and a windmill kick.She believes she's deastined to come out on top. She's built to fight with her sexy thick muscular legs, dance moves and melees. Her cars built to win with it's 700 hp 440 CrossRam with custom Hemi heads. I'd say a pretty good competitor. She's not boujoir, she just understands what it takes to make her dreams come true. She'll tell you her rocky past was just character building. Doesn't mean she doesn't keep it real. Doesn't mean she doesn't have fun, cause she's a goofball. Loves to have fun. The ghetto is just getting more and more outta hand. As much as she hates the land and people in it, she's tries all the time to bring some knowledge, some common sense and decency. Every attempt seems to fail. Obviously they don't deserve shit.

  She's dresses a tad unique, kinda like punk rocker meets school picture day or something like that. She dresses goth and loves 90's fashion. She's done yoga and gymnastics and got bored with ballet. Got into the dancing thing for contest and money. Then attepted to do music videos which was nearly successfull if not for alternative motives. Exposing the horible life of video girls. When her story got out, she was out. Not much changed but the atleast the public knew. Funny thing is, she's not high maintainance but hasn't had great success. She's gone through alot to get where she is and has something to loose if she doesn't win.

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