Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zerophilia: Girls Day Afternoon 2

  So here we are walking through the park dragging on cigarettes. Lookin like two girls you don't wanna fuck with. So what if we're holding hands.
  "So we didn't even get caught, Kiva." Nikki said with a sly look on her face.
  "Nope." I said.
  "Hey, lets go to your house." She asked.
  Fuck! I knew this was gonna happen eventually.
  "Whats wrong, baby? Can we or not?" She wondered.
  "Our place is a mess. Random shit everywhere, all over. Heh. I feel for your safty." I said.
  "Like that show Hoarders? How can yyou live like that? Don't that make you mad? Nikki questioned.
  "Yeah cause no one can come over. I have my like collections but damn." I complained. "Can I drive?" I asked to change the subject and eyeing the handlebars.
  "Sure, where you wanna go?" She agreed.
  "I figure the Galleria." I replied.
  "Cool. Lets go." She said climbing on.
  "I barely managed to back it out but once it was up to speed, it was fun. Nikki leant in real close and held me tightly. Now I see why guys always want some kinda bike.
  "So what do you collect?" She asked me.
  "What? Oh! Bottlecaps, skeleton keys, CD's, Djarum cigarette boxes and cartons." I listed.
  "I love skeleton keys!" She yelled(all in my ear). "They're so neat. I always wanted one. Our house is so old it has the key holes for them." Nikki excitedly explained.
  "Well, I might have one for you." I replied.
  "You gotta get'em an see! I can mess with my parents! She gleamed.
  "Okay, we'll hafta stop by and get them baby." I said.

  Pulling up to the Galleria, which appears to be built on the street, like at one time you could drive thru here. Theres doors at both ends. Anyway we walk in and stop by the candy shop. She treated me to some candy. I just love gummi candy.
  "Thanks baby, I love gummi candy." I said with a kiss on the cheek.
  "No problem, I get anything for my dark princess." Replied Nikki.
  "I love this place. Not very popular- but I like it. The place is just old thats all." I said looking around.
  "I don't think I've ever been here..." She said.
  "Theres not alot here, but it works. Hey come on, lets go." I said pulling her towards the escalators.
  "Okay, okay. Where are we goin Ma?" Asked Nikki, lost.
  "Upstairs. to where the food is." I said.
  So when we got off the escalator, there wern't many people upstairs. No one over at Sbarros. Which is perfect for what I wanna do, I guess.
  "Okay,  I want to treat you to some good ass italian food here at Sbarros cause you deserve it." I explained.
  "Whhhha-eee?" Nikki wondered.
  "Because, you've been so nice to me from the very first day. You really don't look all that nice." I told her.
  "Yeah I know. It goes with the hobby I guess. I am nice, but not like a goody goody. I'm not really that friendly usually. I'm a punk, gotta fit the description. I'd hate to say it but I can be a bitch, hahaha." She explained.
  "At first I thought you were weird. Well I thought you were cute but then you startede mini-stalking me. I was ready to smash your face. I'm happy I didn't, you're a great girl." I said giving her a big kiss.
  We got some pizza and a stromboli, a good seat in the back of the place, sight unseen.
  "Here you go." I said holding a slice of pizza up.
  "What are doin?"She asked.
  "I wanna feed you silly." I laughed. "Take a bite."
  Aaaoomph. "Mmm. Good. But you really don't need to feed me. It was cute and thoughtfull though." She said taking a bite.
  "Sorry, I never  been in a relationship before." I explained.
  "It's okay. Sooo, when did you find out you was gay? And why Goth?" Nikki asked.
  "It wasn't too long ago, I figured I was bisexual. I'm a girl, I like boys but- the guy in me like girls. Ah dunno, I was home alone on the internet, thinking about my past and I just had an ephinany. It's like I've always liked girls but didn't know it. I've never had a relationship before this one so it could be also an act to stop being alone. I used to be depressed and lonely all the time, I wanted to show it. I startted listening to rock and other stuff. Took up a few martial arts, copied stuff from movies. Just didn't really have the clothes like I wanted. I was always an outsider so kinda why not." I explained.
  "Interesting. You don't hafta be alone anymore. I'm here for you." She said as she gave me a hug.
  "And ofcourse I gotta keep it a secret or my mama will put me on some sort medication or some shit. Being bi, that is.
  "My mom doesn't care. Aslong as I don't become a delinquent. Just normal everyday life for her, never asked why or anything. She took it like I said I was goin outside or something. I should be happy it was never an issue." Nikki depressedly told me.
  After we finished off the stromboli, we made out. Like really made out. Laid out in the booth. Somehow we were spotted and asked to leave.

  "Can we go get those skeleton keys now?" Asked Nikki.
  "Yeah. I did say I'd get them." I replied.
  "Let's go, maybe you can send the night?"Asked Nikki- hopefully.
  "I'll hafta lie about it but sure lets try. I wanna make love to you." I said.
   To spare you the details, yes I got to spend the night and it was fun. Her mamma was like "It's good to see you have another girlfriend." I met some of her friends. That night one of my favorite movies came on: Zerophilia. Inwhich Nikki was hardpressed to believe such a thing was possible but thought it would be tyght if that could happen in real life. Maybe I should tell her. Heh. By the time eight o'clock came around we sucluded ourselves nakedly, till morning. Oh and yeah we had naked fun time. And sex.

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