Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Zerophilia: Girls Day Afternoon 1

  Sigh, Im having so much fun with my new girlfriend- it almost makes me forget that I used to be a boy. Like I love the looks we get when we're out and about, makin out like it's got the antidote in it. We were at the park the other day as a anniversary type thing(I still don't get it) and where we were sitting, somewhere between where the playground is and the fountain and lawn areas are at. Kinda hard to describe, anyway we already have an eclectic style of fashion. Out of nowhere a tingle went down my spine, I looked at Nikki, grabbed her thigh with one hand- the other her neck. Leaned her in, then went the hottest lesbian makeout session outside of porn. It looked like sex coulda happened. so you got all these people who look like they've never seen a passionate lesbian kiss outside of porn. Kinda funny how disgusted people get.
  "You think we should go? asked Nikki
  "No, we deserve to be here like anyother couple." I said. "Besides I've always liked pissing people off."
  "See, I knew there was something different about your aura." Nikki explained. Girl if you only knew.
  So some lady walked up with her son and told us: "You two young ladies ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Forcing people to watch youe P.D.A.'s. IF it weren't for my son here I..."
 Here I go on my tyraid: "What would you do? Hopefully nothing past verbal for your own good. What the fuck should we be ashamed of? Being happy? It's people like you that piss me off. I think your problem is we're lesbian..."
  "Exactly, Sweetheart! Maybe if we was a boy and girl it wouldn't be a big deal. If we were the same skin color. Lawdy G. Willikers; not a interracial gay couple!" Nikki said completing me.
  "Look, I've experimented in college. You girls are just doin way too much." The lady said as her son was getting nervous.
  "Maybe we got a tad hasty. But you get what you ask for." I started as Nikki turned to talk to her son. I didn't cathc what she said exactly. "But you can't just walk up to strangers any kinda way, nomatter what. Sometime snot even nice. You should know that, lady. Especially a Goth and a Punk. She's a sweetheart but I know hand to hand combat." I said bringing in some reality.
  "Look, I'm sorry. It's just you kids today..." She started.
  "Please just worry about yours and embrace anything morally positive he might do. You've been here, where me and her is at. Don't put off the wrong vibes. Your family removed. He may wanna join the family. Outburst l ike yours can give the wrong vibes." I explained.
  "...So you undestand, good." Finished Nikki.
  I still wonder what she told him, I never caught it exactly.

  Still buzzed up on righteous energy we wen't near the big water display to make-out some more.
  "Now if she didn't try and come to us with that shit." I said after we departed lips.
  "I know, right? I can't even think about what she's probably sayin after she walked off." Said Nikki as she went in for more kiss.
  I don't know about her but I'm getting horny.
  "An her son." I mentioned.
  "Yeah." She said with a sigh.
  "I hope he doesn't turn out like her." I mumbled as I sucked on her bottom lip.
  "Yeah." She breathed.
  "I shoulda laid that bitch down!" I exclaimed.
  "Fuck that bitch up!" She yelled.
  "Fuck that bitch!" I yelled back. "Fuck!!" I screamed
  "Fuck!!" She screamed.
  "FUCK!!" We screamed.
  "Raaawwr!" I growled as she screamed and ran off.

  We  chase each other all over the park. As people gradually disappear, we notice we're making our way to the side people don't go to often. Mainly because theres nothing here but some bench-swings, benches and a few picnic tables. Plus a few more landscaped(We rolled down one) hills. I'm laying down in the grass getting kisses with my shirt pulled up. The kisses, they move to my cheek. They slow and steadily move to my belt. Her gentle hair glides across, sweeping away my nervousness. I was hoping I'd still have a pussy donw there. Being this is the last day of the "wrag" and all. "Mmm, I think I love you." I proposed. When I pull her shirt off, theres nothing but her tits- that I bury my face in. After she pulls off my sports bra, she lays me down, drops her pants and undies. Slowly, she goes down. I can feel her tounge, warm breath and a kiss hello as she brings up a gift: my tampon.

  I just love how she placed my legs around her neck, pressed her face down and licked like I had the antidote in it. Oh my god, I thought fingering felt good. Right before I fuckin came she sits on my face. I couldn't get enough. I felt her body shake, damn why can't she sit lower?
  "I think I hear something." I worridly said.
  "Who cares! Just suck my clit harder!" Nikki yelled as she squeezed my tits.
  Next thing I know, I feel her cum and her juice of exctasy fills my mouth. Followed by a kiss and a cum-drenched finger up my ass. "Well, baby- I guess  a thumb in the ass is worth two in the 'gine. I said. So I sat on my knees and hands to flip her around under me and lick her lill anus. She clinched with every satisfying lick. I l ooked at her, she looked at me. I sat up and we kissed as she attempted to sit in my lap. Tossed one leg over, slip the other one under and when her pussy found mine, when she wriggled and pushed. Smooch! "Ung, mamma." She moaned. We got some balance and what felt like hours- we pumped each others orgasims out. We lay sprawled out after one good leg-numbing orgasm. If we wanted to do anything, we had to go. There's not much like sex on a park, loud as hell at three PM. As we lay there all naked, I pull out a Djarum and tell her: "Baby, you always smoke after sex."

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