Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dream Sequence: Aug 28 2010

  Sigh, I had such a wonderful dream some nights back. Even the fact it ended with fail doesn't outwiegh all the win. I was laying with my most likely shemale girlfriend. We were in my bed. Which in alter louisville(Alternate Louisville, If I keep writing my dreams I may hafta explain this alter-louisville as in how it appears in my dreams vs reality) is facing the wall infront of the door(West wall) and a couch or somthing(can't remember) on the wall my bed is, in reality. We were laying there under the covers kissing, all nude. She was sexy. White, blond shoulder length hair. An amazing body- all nice and fit with a six-pack. It's like she's a fitness trainer or something. Large D-cups, grey eyes with a soft round face. God I'm getting horny thinking about this. It's kinda hard to explain her face, almost like Anna Paquin, her eyes besides being grey, were just like Anna's. Nice hour-glass figure with hips not too wide, just enough to distinguish and notice the hour-glass. A beautiful 6½ inch dick(Oh god, fap fap fap) that looked like it never had pubic hair. The tip just slightly rose colored from a standing errection.

  We were kissing and talking and smiling. I can't remember what we were talking about, it had to be romantical in some wimsical way. I remember laying on top of her, dicks touching. We were kissing, I was kissing her neck, her chest against mine. I leant up to look at her to see a pleasant look with a slight smile(not a smirk) on those kissable lips. Those beautiful eye's. I was so star-gazed. She started to point to something. I had no clue. I turn around to see John(my step-dad yes in real life) sneeking behind the couch to walk up beside the bed. Probably to bug us no doubt. For some reason I moved to lay beside her and scramble to get the cover we had thrown off of us. I remember stuffing some over her crotch. I think I had covered up her tits and my crotch too. Then I woke up.

  This is funny, becauise he didn't seem upset or mad, or anything of the sort. It makes me wonder. In real live he has a gay son, I am in the closet with my bisexuality. He nor my mama agrees with it. Him more than her since she went to his wedding in NY. Anyway, I'm more curious to what appeared to be an accepting nature. Was I out, was this an everyday thing to find me having sex or did he know she was a tgirl? I seemed rather more embarrased than annoyed. I actually don't get embarrased easily, I think it was just a reflex to hide the nude body of your girlfriend, when a peson who has never and probably shouldn't see her nude. The actions made it seem so commonplace that covering her up was probably more instinct than neccesary. Even with this fail moment and the fact she's strictly a figment of my imagination(Sigh), it was still so much win. Like most of my good dreams which rarely happen with the few dreams I have, out of the ones I remember(I don't know if I've forgotten some) rarelly almost never are there continuations. Like the one I had where I was a chick. Why can't I ever produce part twos and threes and be aware I'm dreaming as to control it? Sigh...

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