Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zefal bike light kit.

   I bought this headlight and taillight from the company Zefal a few months ago. First off the headlight seems to be nothing but a flash light with three settings(steady, blink, strobe) and takes three AAA batteries in a real elaborate fashion. the tail light takes two. The tail light also has three settings(Steady, blink and chase). All appeared to be well until one night I was riding my bike and I ran accross a bumpy road(Which Louisville, KY has alot of), seems like the headlight doesn't take kindly to extreme vibrations. The mount it uses done't like any sort of handlebar with any kind of taper to it like the one on my 89 Schwinn Probe. The light is not forgiving at all. It would dim, flicker and pretty much go out, when on uneven pavement. It only uses nine LED's and I come to notice one had burnt out. It lit up the road pretty good aswell as casting out a good amount of light which LED's aren't really known for. It also does what they aren't known for and drain batteries.

  The Tail light seemed like the only thing worth it in the whole kit. It lasted longer than the headlight, was bright. It also came with two mounts- a seatpost mount and a mount that goes on one of the tubes for the rear wheel. It's also designed to clip on the rider. Now when I was just thinking, it was worth keeping. It started to fall off the bike. It uses some clip device to hold it into the clip(that you can put on you) to hold it on the bike mount. It constantly fell out of the latter. Which is a good way to lose a light in traffic, could also be unsafe if you tried to retrieve it. Sometimes as it hit the ground the batteries would pop out when it opened up. I even had to bend on the the metal ontact tabs for the batteries. I bought the set because it was relatively cheap. But alas, you get what you pay for, and performance was decent. I believe I paid under twenty dollars for them and they even came in a fancy lil box.  In conclusion, I say avoid this companies light sets like the damn plague.

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