Monday, September 13, 2010

Warning signs of Suicide

I'm just putting this up as a filler post. That and it has to do with depression- which to me is no fuckin desease, it's an emotion. Could be a mental disorder but not a damn desease.

The Warning signs are observable changes, behaviors, or statments that indicate directly oor indirectly that an individual is contemplating suicide(Or just fucking with you).

  1. Hopeless- "Things will never get better." "Theres no pont in trying."
  2. Worthles- "Everyone would be better off without me."
  3. Helpless- "Theres nothing I can do about it." "I caqn't do anything right."
  4. Guilt., shame, self-hatred- "What I did wa unforgivable." "I'm useless."
  5. Pervasive sadness
  6. Persistant anxiety
  7. Persistant agitation
  8. Persistant, uncharactyristic anger or hostility or irratibility
  9. Confusion- Can't think straight, make deecisions

  • Uncharacteristic aggression
  • Risk taking
  • Withdraw from friends/activites
  • Becoming accident prone
  • Recent losses-death, divorce, relationship, job, status, self-esteem
  • Getting into trouble, discipline problems
  • Drug or alchole abuse
  • Themes of death or destruction in talk, writing or websites
  • Personality- more withdrawn, low energy, "don't care" attitude or more boisterous, talkative, outgoing
  • Can't concentrate on school, work or routine task
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or work
  • Mqrked decrease in school or work performance
  • Sleep appitite increase/decrease
  • Sudden improvement after being down or withdrawn
  • Statments talking about suicide directly or indirectly, written themes of death, preoccupation with death
  • Threats- " won't be around much longer."; writting suicide note, making a direct threat
  • Plans- giving away prized possessions, making atrangements for a funeral, studying drug effects, obtaining a weapon
  • Attempts to kill themselves, such as an overdose
Source: John Kalafat, Ph.D., et al, Lifelines ASAP(Adolescent Suicide Awareness & Response Program)

My source: A flyer thingy for teachers at a school I was at a few days or weeks ago. I think they had to take a class and whatnot, thats what I heard two of them talking about.
My opinion: Suicide is stupid, life is hard don't take the pussy way out and man the fuck up. This also ties in with depression- which I've been through before. I also do not think depression is a desease, it's an emotion. A fucking emotion, it's as much a desease as being happy all the damn time. And those are the ones people want to kill. But as I was saying, man the fuck up and live your life and stop the bitch ass thinking of suicide. In the words of Eric Matthews: "Life's hard, little brother. Get a helmet." Also people should be allowed to kill themselves if they fuckin want to. I don't care what anyone sez, we are animals(if anyone disagrees, show them a large piece of minaral  and a vegetable and ask are you made of this, if not beat them about the head with one till they're sure the're the other). But all of a sudden we aren't allowed to fight each other or kill ourelves? Call it assault, call it whatever, aslong as it's one on one police should leave me the fuck alone. And if I want to kill  myself, Let me kill myself. I won't because I have shit to do in this plane of existance. I'm not a bitch-nigga either.

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