Sunday, September 26, 2010

Zerophilia: Apathy 1

  It's been around a week or so and me and Nikki were having a beautiful relationship thingy goin on. Me on the other hand was just wondering what was going on personally. So this morning I decided to call up 'ol Doc.

  "Hello, this is doctor Mofedi, whom may I ask is calling?" Answered Mofedi.
  "Yeah, it's Kiva and I..." I started to say.
  "Kiva, hmmmm. I don't remember ever knowing a Kiva." Interrupted Mofedi.
  "Jax!!! It's Jax, I am Kiva currently and thats a problem." I annoyingly said.
  "Oh, Jax. Yes how may I help you, son?" Mofedi asked.
  "Here it goes, you told me my period shouldn't last that long and control of my body would soon follow. I''m having a slight spotting as if it's ending but I can't revert back to a boy." I explained.
   "Oh what's probably going on is because you'd been unable to switch around so long, your bodies not done getting used to it. Soooo it's  probably gonna be somewhat longer before you're able too. I'm not sure how you're going to be able to control it, the thought process  as I'm not one and it could differ from person to person." He explained.
  "Okay, your supossed to be the expert. In the movie it was a sexual thing and only during sex would he switch back and fourth. I want control over this and well right now I've got the hottest girlfriend but I still want to know I can go boy if I want and to be able to stop 'pretending' to be one when I go home. Graaah, why can't life be easy." I complained.
   "I only know what I can study. I might have been off about the time frame, you've been on the medication since about four years old. The movies is not exact in the way of transformation and there is no getting stuck as one sex after having sex with another zerophiliac. Incedently you may want to tell your girlfriend your actually a boy especially if she's a lesbian." He told me.
  "Nice, how you get the glory and the fam an shit and I'm getting nothing but heartache." I whined.
  "Yes, but you weren't exploited or imprisoned in a lab either." He reassured me.
  "Thats true." I murmured.
  "So if thats all yoyu needed, I'm sure you'll be in complete control soon." He told me. Yeah but not soon enough.
  "Alright talk to you later, Kiva." Mofedi spoke ina prepared to hangup tone.
  "Whatevers Clever, guy." I said hanging up.

  Okay, Mr. Expert was somewhat of a help. But I don't know about telling Nikki about who I am. I have a feeling either way it will not end well. I've got to tell my Penny about Nikki though. So I catch a ride on the city bus and it was not fun. It was crowded and the a/c was broken. I had to sit towards the back. I hate it in the fucking back! I got felt up on my ass, thats right boys, sometimes you suck at pulling off the soft lil booty touch you do when a chick walks by. I had to stand in the back while some guy was tring to get with me.

  "Whats up, gurl?" Asked to me, the fool.
  "Not much, goin over my peoples house." I said turning back around.
  "Why don't you stick with me? You kinda cute, ya know?" Asked the fool.
  "No, thats alright. I've got stuff to do today." I replied, turning around again.
  "Hey, hey, hey." He said wrapping an arm around my leg. "Look, I like you. Mmmm, do I like yo fine self."  said the fool sliding his hand up my thiegh.
  So I turned around and leaned closer and asked: "How old are you?"
  "I'm 23, an got my shit together." Answered the fool.
  "I'm jailbait, boy. The moment you don't do what I want or ask, I'm gonna go to the police and yell wolf." I threatened him.
  "Yell wolf, what the fuck does that hafta do with us?" He conmfusedly asked.
  "I'm gona tell the cops you rapped me, read a damn book." I said turning around to face the bus. I got a lil smirk out of his astonishment. The rest of the ride wass almost pleasant except I was in the fucking back. I finally got to Penny's house though. And unscathed too.

  Heh, heh. I can hear here yelling at the kids before I even get on the porch. I don't know how she does it. So I go to knock. I hear her yell wait a minute or something. Finally a few seconds after I lit up a cigarette.
  "Hi baby sis." Penny greets me at the door.
  "Oh I've been having a great time." I said walking in the door.
  "Look, I met this girl, right? Well I was in Hot Topic and she was like stalking me. We've been dating ever since for a while now." I explained.
  "What does she look like?" Penny asked.
  "Well shes like some punk rocker chick. She's fucking hot. You'll meet her soon I guess." I described.
  "I don't know. We gon't be moving soon." Penny said.
  "Ugh, always moving. Eh, well she's got transpo, so let me know where you gonna move to." I said putting out my cigarette.
  "Only if you don't tell Dre." She instructed.
  "Don't worry, I won't." I replied with a grin. "I talked to dr. Mofedi and he said I should be able to control this stuff, soon I guess. One can only hope."
  "What are you going by while you a girl?" Penny wondered.
  "Kiva." I answered.
  "Shit, that's not that bad, it's original. I probably woulda never thought of it." Penny said.
  "He said that everytimie a Zerophiliac is born the goverment allows you to use one social security card and the only thing you hafta get is another drivers liscense or I.D. and a birth certificate. Pretty much I'm a legally existing person either way."I told her. "Sex took some getting used to but I guess I pulled it off, Nikki still loves me."
  Just then Felishia walked in. "Uncle uuhh, auntie uhhh..." She stammered off.
  "Kiva, sweetie. Right now I'm your aunt Kiva." I said proudly.
  "Aunt Kiva is here!" Felishia yelled getting Pandi and Shink in there.
  "How do you like being a girl?"Asked Pandi.
  "It's okay, I've had fun, I've had to kick some ass and the only thing I don't like is I was or is still kinda on my period." I explained.
  "Eeww. Kiva. It's wierd cause like I like always seen you as my uncle." Said Shink.
  "Yeah, I'll be your uncle again soon I'm hoping. I'll always be yall uncle an now I'll always be yall aunt too." I said.
  "So what is it, are you actually a girl right now?"Asked Shink
  "That's what I was wondering. Are you just pretending?" Asked Pandi.
  "Nope. This is all me. I am totally a woman right now, see?" I said Bending over yanking my long hair. "My hair wasn't this long. Plus haven't you noticed I'm a tad shorter than I usually am?"
  "I guess." She said.
  "Like how Im almost the same hieght as Penny. I think I shrin some too." I stated.
  "Do your clothes change?" asked Shink.
  "You wouldn't believe what I've done for clothes." I said lighting a cigarette. "Plus I'm gonna hafta carry some with me whenever I want to change."
  "Thats doin too much." Said Felicia.
  "It kinda is, depending on what clothes I carry. I could probably wear some under other ones sometimes." I said.
  "So how long are you gonna be a girl?" Asked Penny.
  "Supossed to be till I'm off da wrag, Then I can change freely. And oh yeah, when I can change freely." I boasted.
  "I'll let you know when we're moving an where." Penny explained.
  "Alright. Maybe I'll have my moped fixed by then. Right now, I have date and gotta go. Don't worry sis, I'll keep you filled in. Seeya." I said.
  "Alright then, Kiva. See ya later." Said Penny.
  Nice. Welp, so far the only thing GOOD thats happened is I got a date today. It couldn't possibly get worse.

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