Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain-X Defogger defunct

 So I bought some defogger for my windows a few days ago and it happened to be Rain-X brand. I don't know if they have this market cornered or not but I was told by (my first mistake) an Autozone employee that it works real good. Well I've now got an 88 Bronco XLT, the top is prone to fog and condensate on the inside. For a while it looked like it was working- but it wasn't or halfway was or barelly was. But eventually I figured atleast to me, it wasn't. I would probably have better luck with just using the actual water repellant Rain-X in the form of the window cleaner I bought that same day. It would probably just bead off the glass or just look like rain on the inside instead of a sheet of annoying opaquedness. Plus the window would be clean! :-p I tried to apply it in different ways including the instructions. Mostly it just  clouded up the window with it's on "fog" and using water to remove the access. show as hell didn't work. I talked to a friend of m ine and he said he's used it twice to no avail. I doubt it was the same brand as mine but obviously there are other brands as the automotive world is full of faxsimiles. I might, MIGHT, MIGHT try it again BUT with the Windshield Wonder my fiance bought me.

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