Thursday, November 11, 2010

Google Image Search

  We all know Google is part of the "Big three" of the search engines with Yahoo and Bing. One thing that set Google apart was a competent search setup. There used to be quite a few of these search engines. Some like Dogpile and Ask Jeeves are still around. Ofcourse Ask Jeeves went to, which is owned by Yahoo and is totally useless now. It happens to be just a psuedo search engine that loads when you misstype a website's URL. Every blue moon, I'll use MSN(Bing) or Yahoo- if I think they will give different results. They both use [when image searching] a similar style image search. For some stupid reason Google(leader of the big three) wanted to be like them. And failed misserabally. Even  though Bing and Yahoo perfected theirs, it's still fail.

 When using Googles search engine, you will be hit with a page of pictures. For a number of computers, this is bad. Computers slow to load, crash, time out. Well atleast it's not all of the results are loaded. Thats right, you'll only see 16,000 of the 384,838,3998,999 results. Thats okay, if it's too much for you an you make it AAALLLL the way down to the bottom is a link you can use to temperailly go back to the old  one- till you'll need to do another search. It appears when you log out, does it go away. It appears as though it is a members only thing. Or I thought it was till I somehow got logged out and it still does it.

 If your honestly tires of this shit. And I know theres got to  be more people against than for- speak your mind!!!! Damnit!!!!! Heres what I do, since theres no direct contact to certain Google areas that most pertain to us, I send a complaint email to whatever email address they've displayed. It doesn't matter, if the email address is for sales or Google Earth Registering or whatever. Just pick an e mail and send a complaint about their strupid ass new venture. After eneough email waves have spread to their email servers, help boards, and enything else you could possibly contact them through then there gonna get sick of it. Stop just dealing with it and finding fucking tremperary fixes. If they think it's a good idea(and the idiotards do) then they aren't gonna change it and possibly eventually get rid of the option to the original version of which shoulda fucking been a permanate option for those of us with accounts anyway. Not a temp option and surely not at the bottom of the damn screen. They want us to like it and use it. Using jedi force to make us like it. STOP JUST ACCEPTING IT AND OPEN YOUR MOUTHS. I''ll use fucking Dogpile if it has a image search like the old Googles- the smart and simple image search.  I want pages of pictures back and information witthout mouse over and let the damn website show itself, we nor they need Googles help in what loads on a site. Google backed down from China, they can back down from there own country aswell.

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