Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dead Frontier Pt1

So I've been playing a free online game called Dead Frontier. So far I've been doin good, I guess. I don't have a full review yet but if you ever see the Jax Rhapsody, then you know it's me doin hat I do best. Killin Zombies! It's a mass multiplayer online roleplaying game(MMORG) where you pick a few selections of characters male or female. Depending on what you pick is what you start out with. I'm a cop. I just picked it cause, well, ah dunno exactly. Like everything else it's a pro and con that you can't trade what you start with-aside from money ofcourse.  I just started playing so I don't have a full review yet. When you join everything  is within the game so to speak. After you log in and download the software thats how you get to the forum and the ther stuff. I had ran into that problem before I downloaded the software. More of a personal problem because I didn't know how the website was set up. All links or pages so to speak load under one URL. Like on Myspace or Facebook  so to speak.

So if you decide to join the few and the brave just tell'em Jax Rhapsody sent you. The link is after the jump.

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