Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Zerophilia: Fast Cash

  It's been a few days since I talked to Nikki or done anything else. Now that I know how to go back and forth, maybe it's time for some fun...

  I need to relieve a lot of stress, fuck I feel like I'm just breaking down. I think I shoulda  just kept taking the meds. Well might as well hop on the computer. One thing I keep doing is looking up zerophilia, hoping to find something thats not about the damn movies. I mean seriously, there's got to be a secret website or something for us. How do we find help or communicate? Are just all on our own unless we run in to each other? And to know-one woud hafta slip up and reveal themselves. Sigh, I'll just look at some porn and go about my business on the innerwebz.

  With my old boxers by my side I just start to look at porn. I made my way to fetish sites. For some reason golden showers and self-wetting was really getting it for me. Shit, check her out sittin on that guys face just lettin go. I click on the picture and it opens a video. My shit! Shes pissing on his face while he's pissing on her tits and another guy is pissing on her head letting it stream down her face and run down her back. God I wish I was her-as I was fantasizing about being her I changed to Kiva. Mmmm fuck I said pulling out a vibrator dildo slowly fucking my wet pussy. Uhhh god, what if that was Nikki and I was pissing on her-in her mouth. As I thought that I started to change back in to Jax. I pulled out the dildo soaked in my pussy juices and stuck it up my ass. Aaaaaaahah, I clicked on another video leading me to a black chick who was laid out on her back As her ass was getting fucked she was pissing out her clit trying to aim it as two guys pissed her tits. I grabbed my dick just before orgasm and jacked off at the last minute. I couldn't hold myself up, falling on my face in pure ecstasy.

  So I had to do a double take in the mirror. I still kinda looked like Kiva, my shirt not really hiding my tits and my nude under-regions showing of a dick that's not Kiva's. Maybe it's not so cut and dry how our bodies work. I simply match the rest of me to fit. I need to get out of here for a while. It's like nine o'clock I gotta go. I put my pants on, something me and her can wear just in case. Made sure I had my Djarums and my phone. I sneak out the back door and I'm outta here. I need to clear my head. I go strutting towards downtown and check out the Stillwall area hoping to see something pop off. I light a cigarette as I walk past some club. People are outside hanging out as I walk up. I'm like hey whassup.

  "Aren't you too young to be hanging around here?" Asked some Drag Queen.

  "Yeah so? I'm family. Either way I'm just passing through." I said defensively.

  "Snippy, snippy. Okay don't get back handed little boy. See, that's why I don't want no damn kids." Threatened Drags boyfriend.

  "I may still be trying to find myself but I did find a kickboxing class and Tai Kwon Do as well as Kappawea." I threatened back.

   "Look don't mind them bitter bitches. Sweetie my name is Dohn." Introduced Dohn.

   "Jax. Shit just seems not to be goin right. I'm just trying to clear my head." I replied.

   "Yeah it's hard being whatever age you are. Well it's hard being young period. How old are you?" Dohn Wondered.

  "Thirteen. Shit just gets complicated. Got complicated over the last month or so. I realized I was bisexual, like literally bisexual and the girl I was with left me." I storied.

  "Look I have a show to do Dohn. Better be there soon." Said the Drag Queen as he walked back in the club with his boyfriend.

  "Yeah, yeah, I'll be there. Any hoosier, look your cute, you'll bounce back-I promise. It's always darkest before the dawn. Besides you got all the time to have a fun life till you get old and thirty." Dohn explained.

  "I guess. You really think I'm cute?" I wondered.

  "Yeah. I mean I'm no pedo or anything but I feel like I need to be with you- it's odd. I swear I'm not trying to come off as some old horny queer, I'm married for fucks sake. Watching you smoke that cigarette- I want you to smoke mine." Dohn confessed.

  "Uh, I've never been with a guy before. Age ain't really shit to me. I just don't wanna be opened without knowing the guy." I said a tad worried.

  "How about 10 bucks to make out and some head?" Bargained Dohn.

  "Huh?  Head and makin..." I started.

  "The most I can offer you is thirty-five. Just for a kiss here and some head." Offered Dohn. "Sorry if I offended you. I just every once in a while see somebody that rivals my husband in looks and I gotta try and be with them."

  "Uhh, I'm not offended." I said lighting up another cigarette. "I just, well, can you show me how to give head?"

  "Sure, I guess. Just follow me between the buildings to the alley." Said Dohn.

  I follow him to the alley. There's a few chairs back there like this happens a lot. He hands me the thirty-five and I kneel to put out my cigarette but he tells me to keep smoking- it's a sexy turn-on. So I get close to him and we kiss kinda slowly, he wraps his arms around my waist. As we kiss more he slides them  down my pants and squeezes my ass softly. God fuck this turns me on. I throw my tongue in his mouth and he throws his back. Our erections touch and I want him in me but I got's a lot of walking to do. As they touch more I hold him closer. As we get close to full blown hornyness, he pulls his pants and boxers down and sits in a chair. I can see what looks like a completely Nair'd dick and balls. I take a draw from my cigarette to keep it lit as he tells me to lick his dick up and down. I grab it and lick the head to the shaft and back again. "Open your mouth and close your lips. Once I figured that out he held my head and pushed my mouth to his dick. As  he pushed my head all the way down I gagged a little. He kept on doing that till it felt good. My mouth started to hurt so I stopped and smoked more of my cigarette. I jacked his dick as I let the cigg hang out one side of my mouth, blowing smoke through my nose. Then as I went down he stopped me and said  lick my balls and then suck them. So I held my cigg and widened my tongue to caress his sack before pulling it in to my mouth. As his dick lays on my face  I feel a trickle of precum. He slaps my face with his dick and sticks it in my mouth and tells me to suck as I go up and down this time. I tried to keep my teeth off but it was hard. As my mouth cramped I stopped briefly to smoke and then he said go faster. Out of nowhere he holds my shoulders and kinda fucks my mouth releasing cum. Between the mucus and the spit it just filled my mouth and he pulled his duck out cum came splurting with it. My mouth sore. he said that was good for a newbie and he rushed in to see his friend perform and I made my way back to walking.

  I made it to one of the parks down town and was walking around the playgroud. There was a few people scattered about. All I could think of is how I just made thirty-five bucks. As I walked through the rest of the park I came across the main lawn and decided to change to Kiva. I tied my shirt up and tucked it under my tits(no bra) and lowered my pants some. I was gonna go more towards I guess the upper most down town before making my senic route home till a car pulled in to the parking lot.

  "Hey girl how old are you?" Asked the driver.

  "What?" I asked.

  "I want some pussy tonight, what you doin?" Replied the driver.

  I've used dildos on myself so I was kinda open but still a virgin I guess you could say.

  "I'm just a lil girl walking around." I said as I walked up to his car.

  "How old are you?"

  "Thirteen, why?" I asked.

  "Virgin?" He asked.

  "Yeah, I guess you could say that. Why you wanna fuck." I asked.
  "Fuck yeah, I want that pussy. fitty bucks gits you dis dick."

  "Shit, I could use fifty bucks." I said getting in. "You got a condom right?"

  "Naw but we can go get one." He said putting the car in drive to the nearest store.

   So he pulls up to a gas station and says "Lemme get a look at cha." Lifting my shirt to check out my tits and then rolls the windows up stating the windows are tinted and he wants to see my pussy and ass. So I pull my pants down and open  my legs and he touches my pussy and pulls at my lips. I lean over to show my ass. He hits the recline and the seat falls back unbeknown to me and he grabs ans smacks my ass. He tells me to leave my shit off as he goes in. Here I am almost naked waiting for some stranger to come back and fuck me. Five minutes later he comes back with some Magnum XL's. All I can say is Oh Fuck. "That's right." he says. "I gotta ba ig dick for your baby pussy. Might as well take that shirt off. We make our way to an alley down town behind a row of buildings that dead ends. Looks like his dick gets bigger every time he looks at me. He pulls it out and tells me to play with it as he drives to the end of the alley. I can't do nothing but stare wide-eyed and drop mouthed at this big ass dick that's about to fuck me up. in all levels of the statement. I get horny as I play with it though. Like I just can't wait for him to fuck me. I start to lick it. It jumps and I get even more over-whelmed by it. We park and he starts to play with my tits and sucks on them. "I'm gonna love this shit." He tells me. I love my tits being sucked. He fingers my wet pussy as he slips on a condom. He grabs my hips and pulls me sideways where he tries to climb on top and rams his dick in. Fuck this shit hurts so good. Seems like he cant get it in good so he tells me to get out. He sits on the hood and tells me to climb on. So I slowly ride his dick. I don't even go all the way down. I cant say shit but moan. He buried his face in my tits playing with my nipples, sucking them, smacking my ass. He ten bends me over on the hood and fucks my pussy hard and fast. I scream and he covers my mouth. I feel it like a baseball bat or like I'm being fisted. It fucking hurts but I'm fucking loving it. The only thing keeping the pain away is reaching orgasm. He cums and pulls it out like it was nothing. I could barely sit on the ride back near the park. But I did make eighty-five bucks   I was done walking and took that slow painful stroll home.

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