Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zerophilia: Two Faced

 So I get home sneak in the house and get my clothes off, swapping to my dude dud's. So I just sit there and feel like, what the fuck? I still want to cry but I feel real fuckin stupid trying to do so. I lay down and smoke a cigarette. I can't do this shit. I'm starting to cry. Must be Kiva, who's so sad I'm sad. I swear it seems like a catch twenty-two situation either way if I had told her when we met or watching the movie or before we fucked the first time. I sat up and got on Facebook, Nikki was online, and had just made a new status; "I just threw away the best relationship I've had in forever." Me being an asshole and slightly mad for her turning down my sister self 'liked that'.

 "Fuckin shit. I was in love. Well maybe now I can control this shit. Just gotta find out how. Seeing I need to concentrate on something other than Nikki, let's see what this body will do."

 Jax took his clothes off. and started trying to push his dick in. Didn't work. He tried to concentrate but didn't know what to concentrate on. Jax get's on the computer to Google Zerophilia, hoping to fond something. Most of what he found was nothing but shit on the movie. Which gave him an idea, he started looking at porn. So he found some good shit and started jacking off. It was fun and felt great but it didn't change him. There was no Kiva in sight. Sadly there were no messageboards or anything to answer his questions.
  • How do I change back an forth
  • Do I change all the way or can I change slighty if i wish
  • Will I get stuck
 These questions are what he wants to find the answers to, but doesn't know where to go. He knows they are sorta government protected but  what sanction? "What the fuck!?" Jax yells in fustration. "Maybe if I start asking around, I'll get some attention and then hopefully some help." Jax starts to email a few hermaphrodite websites about Zerophilia. Posted an ad on Craigslist, hoping to gain some attention. He figures as secret as they are, there has to been some instances where one was outted. If you can find kddy porn on the internet you've got to be able to find some Zerophilia information.

 "Jax, come eat!" Follie yelled from the kitchen.

 "Aight!" I replied back putting up Kivas clothes in the normal secret spot. "I've started to get too many clothes to be tring to hide it all. See if she just accepted me for me I could probably go over there keep Kivas clothes there and change there."

 Jax goes to the kitchen to get  some food and Follie strikes a small conversation..

 "So what's wrong with you?" Asked Follie.

 "Nothing." I said.

 "Why are you lookin sad then?" Follie asked.

 "Ah dunno. Seems like my normal look to me." Jax replied.

 "Aieght then, you'd come to me if aything was wrong, right?" Follie asked.

 "Yeah, ofcourse." I lied.

So, I went back to my room to watch TV. Yeah right, your the whole reason this shit is happening to me. I can't tell you shit. ALthough you probably have atleast a tad of the info I fuckin needed. There was no way I was gonna rummage through any of that paperwork of hers. I just sat there watching TV when my cell phone rang.

 "Whassup?" I greeted.

 "Whassup, nigga! My aunt nigga!" Yelled Dre. "Whats wrong with yo voice?"

 "Nothing. Om back to normal. Kinda" I answered.

 "So you ain't that chick no more, what happened?" Dre confusedly asked.

 "Well, not right now om not. I can't figure out how to go back." I stated.

 "All I can say is keep trying. I don't know why you'd wannabe a girl anyway." Said Dre.

 "For one, I can make some money as a chick. Two, I'm fuckin sexy. You know you wanted some of thiswhen you seen Kiva the first time." I bragged.

 "Aieght, aieght, you are sexy as Kiva. Real talk, no homo." Agreed Dre. "How come yo can't turn back?"

 "I havent a clue." I said.

 "Why don't you try an see if theres anything on the internet? You can find anything online, unk.

 "Theres no alot of us. From what my phsyciatrist guessed that it's an advanced version of what ever causes hermaphrodites, but for every for sake of similarity every like six hermaphrodites theres one zerophiliac." I explained.

 "Shit. Still though, theres gotta be something out there." Dre said.

 "We're like protected by the government. Bothof our identities share a social security number and birth certificate. When shit comes to light like school, is when other people are slightly informed. Other than that it's a secret like MIB do't want you to know aliens are real, secret." I explained.

 "Shit, nigga. I got an idea. What if you try an concentrate on being Kiva? See if that works." Dre guessed.

 "Hmmm. That might work." I agreed.

 "If it does you owe me." Demande Dre.

 "What the hell do I owe you?" I asked.

 "Shit, ah dunno. Kiva can't be my auntie,she's a different person. Maybe some pussy?" Negotiated Dre.

 "Eww, fuck no. I'm Kiva, that means she's your aunt. She's just a girl version of myself." I said.

 "Cuz! When we was kids we used to take bathes together and everything! Handbuzzers, remember that? Plus al that shit we used to do..." Told Dre.

 "Aieght, look. No incest. I guess if it works you can touch my boobs or something. Gross ass nigga." I promised.

 "Aye, got my chick on the other line, call you back." Said Dre.

 "Aieght bruh." I said.

 So, I was sitting there on the internet. Bored, searching for random shit and nothing is popping on the boards om on. Eventually I fall asleep at the computer. I remember the dream I had. I was Kiva but kinda like third persons view or something. I started to talk and I was awoken from my sleep from one of those loud ass informercials. The ones that com on at night and happen to be four times louder than anything else that airs.When I woke up I immediatly grabbed my chest and privates, nope. Still Jax. I sat there and thought about what Dre said. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Kiva and being a girl. I felt a slight pain, not as bad as the first. I looked and there stood Kiva. "Yess! Fuckin aye!" I yelled. Then I tried it again, back to Jax. I put some boxers on and went back to check my email-nothing was there. I laid back down and made myself go bck to sleep.

 A good sleep, now that I can  control this shit. Time to experiment when I wake up. I started to think about Kiva and what I'd do as her.

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