Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A few stories

  So Heres a few stories I'm writing. I might post them here or my new blog Ah dunno. But Some of them I intend to make in to a book and the others I'm writing specifically for BGC Live.

Rayne Falls: Is about a college student in Velocity Ky who is a star racer trying to keep his tittle till he can go pro with the help of his friends and his new boyfriend. I''m writing this on just for BGC Live

Return of Black Vulcan: Statics having trouble with Livewire and a hero from the past returns to help. I hope to send this to D.C.

Devils Advocate: A womans raped by a mysterious creature in a Highlands dumpster in Louisville, KY and the child now in miccle school has to deal with night terrors and an anger problem in school. This  is also for BGC Live but it's also the only story I've written that takes place in Louisville, so far.

Zerophilia: Duh

Malice In Wonderland: I figure Alice In Wonderland and a few other stories are the perfect platform for something really dark, so I'm trying my best to keep it dark and keep my self out of holes and corners.

Street Rhapsody: Been writting this since high school. It involves including as many writing styles that I knew of at the time including comic.

I plan to try and get MIW and SR Published. Hopefully DC will use ROBV as an idea. So this is what I've been doing

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