Friday, June 24, 2011

Industrial Design

Okay so I remembered something I wanted to do before I wanted to be about cars. And that's Architecture. From time to time I look back in those days. Yep When I was a kid I wanted to be one thing and that's an architect. From there all cars. I like older houses. Like those built in the nineteenth century or early twentieth. I guess you'd say. But I like most modern style designs too and those post WWII stainless steel prefabs. I used to love to watch Discovery Channels Monster House. I've always loved factories and warehouses and my love of post-apocalyptic and zombie movies have added to the fact I love the industrial look. Combine that with modern design and modular ideals, you've got wonderful things happening.

Take this Russian designed apartment from

Those are just two of the pictures. I like the use of the corrugated steel which would make great window shades in the form of those rolling doors like they use as garage doors if you know what I mean. I can see the addition of expanded steel, double pane chicken wire windows, maybe some stand alone shelving. I've already said I wanted to build metal furniture-which would be perfect. Some pictures I've found have wood in them and brick. Like this old textile or printing place:

What really took me by surprise is when I found Cargo container modular homes. I don't like these no prefab or so called modular homes that pop up in sub divisions and neighborhoods everywhere nowadays. But these could be a cheap way of doing that.If I had my way, all generic houses like the ones they stuff together on a street to make money would be made of probably eight to twelve of these things.

Now like I said about those cheap cookie cutter houses, less then eight or six could be used:

Sorry didn;'t know those pictures were one pic, LOL well there's a free pic of that one house. Here: another one. I really love this one. I'd like to take what we've seen here and apply it to say an ex underground militia base or missile silo. There'll be almost as much above ground as under.

Hopefully one day I'll design my own house. Concrete and I-Beams is all you need. then comes the steel. Expanded steel, galvanized steel, jersey bumpers, chicken wire windows and fluorescent lighting. Next time I think I'll do more about the shipping container modular's.

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