Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zerophilia: A Mid-Summer's Night

  I remember waking up and having a chat with my friends on the Zerophilia board. I could’ve sworn. I’ve stayed up late and caught myself falling asleep at the computer before. But I swear, I remember talking to them. Next thing I know, I’m being fucked doggystyle on my bed. The guy is going hard and I can’t see who it is. I just know my ass is wet and slippery. I don’t know how it happened but I’m sure it wasn’t rape, cause I loved that shit. He went from my ass to my pussy. I tilted on my side and he started long stroking my pussy slow and hard. Must have been fucking for a while. He was squeezing and smacking my ass with on hand and playing with my tits with the other. Just when I think I’m about to see who he is. He turns around in to a sixty-nine and fucks my mouth. Fuckin buries his face in my pussy. I’m like g’on  and put it in me already. I’ve yet to be fucked like this. I moan and scream. I hear a familiar voice tells me he’s about to cum. I muster through the euphoria to say; I want to see it. I lay on my back and he goes hard. Kiva, yes, He grunts. We reach orgasm at the same time and both our bodies tighten. He moans my name and I scream out: OH JAX!

  My eye’s pop open. What the hell was that? Chills crept across my body. While I look around to see it’s just me and I guess, I nutted all on my computer chair.

  “God damn, girl. What’s wrong with you?” I ask myself. “I was being fucked by my self.”

  I got up and sat on the bed, where I put on a pair of panties.

  “I mean like, could that be incest or masturbation? Should I be grossed out?” I ask myself as I lit up a Djarum Super. “Something doesn’t fuckin feel right.”

  I close Firefox and lay back down. I turn on the radio and finish smoking. I feel my body one last time before I go to sleep.

  “I can’t believe this boy. Hey you lil slut, wake the hell up!” Said Follie by the bed. “What the hell are you doin in my house and where’s Jax?!”

  “What? I’m Jax. What are you talking about?” Asked Kiva sleepily.

  “So you stopped taking you medication, huh?” Asked Follie.

  “No.” Kiva murmured.

  “Then who is this girl in my son’s bed?” Asked Follie “You stopped taking your medication, huh?”

  “Shit.” Said Kiva, now wide awake.

  “Yeah, who was you trying to fool? I see yo titties and pussy.” Said Follie.

  “What? Damn. I thought I was covered up.Sigh, I did stop and I’m happy I did.” Said Kiva.

  “So this is why you moved to the basement? Huh? So you wouldn’t get caught?” Asked Follie.

  “Yeah, petty much.” Said Kiva, sitting up to light up.

  “I won’t have this shit in my house. You can take this gay shit somewhere else.” Scolded Follie.

  “How is it gay shit? It’s a disease! I ain’t about to suffer for you.” Kiva growled.

  “Don’t make me call the people. Make an involent outta yo ass. Better take yo damn medicine.” Threatened Follie.

  “No I won’t. I like how I am. If you don’t like it, oh well. It’s my body.” Kiva argued.

  “You know what, you little bitch?! You goin to the place. Get your head dissected.”  Threatened Follie.

  “Shit!” Yelled Kiva looking around. “Good, it’s just me.”

  She get’s up and checks the lock on the door. Turns the TV on and the radio off. Lights another cigarette. She shifts and sits on the end of the bed.

  “Fuck some sleep.” Said Jax, tired as hell. “I can’t keep doin this.”

  He flips through the nothing that’s on TV at the time. Hoping to at least, find some soft core porn.

  “All hell would probably break loose if my mama found out about me. Maybe if I keep fucking around and saving my money till I can find a decent job. I can be out by eighteen.” Jax said to himself. “I mean, it’s like what? Four years away?”

  Jax sneaks upstairs to make a bowl of cereal. Walking up the creaky steps.

  “I need to find a way to shut these steps up.” Jax Whispered to himself.

  He uses near cat burglar like speed and finesse to attain all the instruments needed for a bowl of cereal. Then carefully and quickly made it to the basement. As he’s eating, he starts to fall asleep again.

  “There’s the freak! He or she is the one who tried to seduce me and spread its disease!” Screamed, Nikki.

  “Fuck!” Jax yelled. “Not you too, Nikki.”

  Jax finished his cereal, turned on the lights, and turned on his web cam. He started to take some pictures of himself in his panties. Moving on to nothing. Taking still shots of himself jacking off and playing with his ass. Trying to keep his energy up. He get’s lube and lubes up his ass and arm and starts to fist himself. Taking more stills. Then he runs a video and pretty much starts all over to make a video. He uploads to Xtube.

  “Fuck, I’m way too tired. These dreams are fucking me up though.” Said Jax.

  He gets on VelocityMojo to screw around. Going to the messageboards, and checking random topics.

  “Must not sleep.” Said Jax.

  He stays on the internet for a while before laying on the bed to watch the five am news. Next thing he knows Nikki’s laying next to him.

  “Let’s go to sleep baby.” Said Nikki.

  “Alright, mama.” Replied a sleepy Jax.

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