Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zerophilia: Me

So I moved my stuff to the basement. It was kinda finished and with help from the internet I got the place right, My Uncle helped. Main thing id I got some serious sound-proofing done. We pulled out all the foam in the walls, I sprayed the space between the studs and outer wall with a can of spray rubber. Then laid down some silicone in certain areas. Then we used this boom mat stuff like they use in bass comp cars. The door was the hardest. My Uncle ended up finding a solid wood front door. On the hinge side I laid down some silicone, then some more making it a quarter inch layer. In the door frame my Uncle nailed up some carpet strips. He put some on the floor where it closes. Then took some rubber like for the bottom of a garage door, nailed it to the bottom, top and door knob side. We made plugs for the windows. Used plywood, drawer handles, left over boom mat, rubber spray, silicone and carpet. Next thing id to do the door that goes outside. For now I just pop up a mattress. We blocked off the vent too. I think he’s going to take the leftover ducting and put it on the door that goes outside.

Later on, I looked at my email and seen a response to my ad on craigslist. It’s been a few days since I talked to Nikki. Right now, I gotta do me for a while. They left a phone number. So I gave them a call and the dude was some thirty something year old white guy. Six inch dick, kinda slim. He wanted to know how big my dick was-fuck if I know. I told him he’d hafta wait and see. I told him I could meet up tonight. He lives in Velocity Towers, an apartment high rise down town. Right now, I need to go to a hardware store and get a new door knob so I can lock it. The sound proofing is pretty good. I turned up my radio and shut the door- no sound. I’m still tying to figure out what to do with my new room. I called Nikki and she gave me a few pointers. Like to make sure everything is user friendly. Not cluttered. So I got my bed on one side, and my uncle made some lockable closet things for my clothes; Kiva’s clothes. I got some shelves to put stuff on. They have these neat clear doors on them that lift up and slide in the tops of each section. Now I just need a wicked entertainment system. I get back home strip down and change. Then pick out some sexy clothes.

I’ve been making some money here and there. So I got a cheap lil prepaid phone for business. This guy calls me while I’m in the middle of eating. So, I put on this skimpy cliché school girl outfit. I put on my make up and eye liner, grab a leather jacket, hop on the moped and be about my way. I can’t wait till I can get a real fuckin motorcycle. I walk in the lobby and push in his apartment number. I tell him it’s his girlfriend. Up on the sixth floor I walk in to his open arms and a quickly shut door. He gives me like two hundred bucks, that I stick in my jacket. I feel his arms around my bare waist. Sliding up to my tied up shirt, down to just under the band of my plaid mini skirt. He turns me around to kiss and flips my skirt to my nearly bare ass, in which he grabs. He goes on about how naughty I am. I cover my mouth and giggle. I get a nice firm spanking as I lay across his lap. I plead and moan. I promised to be good and from that he told me I had to prove it by giving him an oral exam. So he stands up and drops his pants showing me this hairy lil dick The head red with rage. I sucked his dick, taking it to the throat. He liked that. I tasted precum, so it was soon time to stop. Not before I got his balls in my mouth with it. He pulled my shirt off and played with my tits. God damn I got sensitive nipples. Next thing I know, he grabbed my head and fucked it. I had to save his orgasm from his happy ass. So he sat me on his lap and told me how good I was(I got an A plus) and to tell me I needed to do this extra credit assignment. I buried his face in my tits and he sucked on them sending my back in to an arch.

I gave him a lap dance and slowly pulled my skirt off. I straddled his lap with his dick between my legs and he wondered if I was even horny. I said you can’t have her till I’m done. I finished my dance with my back to him and placed my ass cheeks right where his dick head could kiss it. Then I dropped them. Brought my dick up and turned around. He grabbed my ass and started sucking. He’s done this shit before. Grabs one tit and fingers my ass. After a while I couldn’t stand. Now that the foreplay was over, we went to the bedroom. I sit on the bed and he kneels and plays with my dick, starts sucking my balls. From there I’m laid down, kissed all over, propped on my hands and knees so he can eat my ass. Then I feel his dick. His spit lubed dick pierce my ass. I did moan, but it was from pain. I told him he needed lube. One lubed, I rode. Then it felt good. I turned reverse cowgirl and then laid back on him. He started to jack my dick off, this was it. I told daddy I was gonna cum. He pulled out and told me to open up. He busted a nut all on my face and in my mouth. He started sucking my tits and jacking me off. As I got close to cumming He stated to suck my dick and finger my ass. Sucked the cum right outta my mouth. He went to the bathroom and tossed me a wet rag and went back.

So I wipe my self off all while we were talking. I went to give it to him and found him in my jacket tying to take my money back. I stepped up to him and he pushed me. I punched him in the head. When he turned around I grabbed his balls, punched his dick. Oh we caused a scene. When he doubled over I punched him in the throat and went to put my clothes on. Next thing I know there was a punch in my side. I pushed him back and kicked him in the stomach. I stanced myself for his next attack I went to kick him in the chest and he caught my foot. So like Jackie Chan, I used his hands as a step and kicked him in the face knocking him out when he hit his head. I grabbed the rest of his money and left. It was too late to do anything, so I went home. I seen my Uncle had dropped of some speakers for my surround sound. I changed my clothes and myself and went upstairs. My mamma said he told he to tell me that he’s gonna come over and do the outside doors. I like being free to do what I want. I mean like fuck whomever. Nothing like having my ass and pussy pounded. So I go to piss and somehow I guess when I switched back, I didn’t take into account to keep my dick and pissed everywhere. After that was cleaned up, I watched some TV and got on the internet. Fell asleep in the middle of fingering myself.

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