Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Jax is back on 2nd Life

Although I wish I didn't delete my old account years ago because my shitty eMachines wasn't up to it. So far life is pretty crappy, I mean I just started but still. I have no money and I think my home is some tony ass island. I think I'll try and find a Occupy 2nd Life and live there. Any of my Hunters on there, I need money. LOL, find me under JRhapsody, my avi's name is of course Jax Rhapsody. I may update with Another post. I wish people would talk to me there. So far I had a GTA style glitch; I was driving a truck and tried to go over/through a fence in the Australia Outback section and it flipped over, fell through the ground and I landed in the section where the art galleries and stuff is. he place doesn't seem to be really popping either, like I thought it would.

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