Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Kitchen

Lately I've been drawing parts of my dream house. I want to talk about the Kitchen. I love to cook and it has to be perfect. This is what I have so far. I have it planed out that stainless steel will be a priority, everything else will be red and black. I'll be running two refrigerators for the food plus a deep freezer. There'll be a slew of cabinets to use and vast counter space counting the island and archipelago. The main appliances will be kept out while others will be put away until needed. Dishwasher, large dual sink, dual ovens. Not to mention the two closets; pantry and cookware.

The island is going to house the infrared range with six burners and maybe a small oven for light work. Prep counter, and a dishwasher that works like a drawer. I hate the flip down door and rinky dink drawers. that come on standard washers. There will also be a grill, restaurant grade with a decent hood with a good exhaust fan made with brushless motors and multipl blades for efficiency and quietness. Moving on, the pantry will house all the can goods, spices and boxed dry storage foods. There will also be a cart for a need of mass ingredients. I will have an assortment of large canisters of different spices that can be used to refill smaller carry receptacles. Hopefully attain spices from other countries. And the oils; vegetable oil is not always good enough. Large jars of peanut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and others. Some special flavored oils to enhance recipe's. Cooking wines, the best flour's. I don't know what else to say.

The two fridges will carry in excess of what we need, plus room for leftovers. The drawers contain the utensil's in their rightful spots closest to where they need to be. Plates, bowls,cups and glasses will all have their own cabinet. A large convection microwave sits off a good distance separating counter space. A fairly large trash compactor sits under the counter. Recyclables are separated. Near the archipelago sits the large dual basin sink for quick washes and soaks, near that is the soda fountain where I have my own blended soda's. Under it the CO2 mixing system and syrup. Extra's are kept in the pantry of course. Moving to the other side are the stacked ovens and the closet for all cookware, especially large ones. Skillet's, pots etc. Everything on shelving or hung up. Also the kitchens very own mop and broom and mop sink etc.

A stereo system to blast music a tv here or there. The counters and certain walls or seperators are stainless. Utensil's, plates, floor are to be red and/or black. All cookware is to be stainless, no unreliable, short lived teflon coatings. The dining room will be adjacent to it as to instill a quick delivery of food. How does that sound? All the cooks out there must be creaming themselves.

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