Saturday, March 2, 2013

Duece Ex Machina

I finally have something to write about! It's about the way things have been lately, fighting a struggling battle. I saw earlier how a buddy of mine on Facebook was wondering why he's hated, why does a large number of people hate him. Meanwhile, I've been off and on depressed and trying to figure out why my life is sorta shitty. I've thought about this for years. It's just destiny, per-programing. These are quotes from my comments to his post and maybe some of my status from the past few days.

Because it is your fate. destined and designed. I too fight against the programming of the machine. whether it is your actions or not, there are those who bare the strife of their localities as programed via the dues ex machina. We are designed to further implement this installed nature by how we act, think and generally carry ourselves in being who we are. thus in some way, we aren't really human in the sense most known. to normal people there is a silver lining in every grey cloud- not with us creatures. there are good things that happen only what was left from everyone else s. Then the coding error is fixed. Do you get it now?
This was my first post  in correspondence, you see there is the System and always has been. We are all programs and this planet is merely a sever to the machine. Almost like a cross between Second Life and The Sims, or the Matrix. Everything we know, think or assume has been already sorted through, planned and placed. Read on.

Our tampering with the programing is a catch 22. what was and is to be is set. Its system guides time in a linear fashion, programing cause and effect. the coding errors and other anomalies could be considered karma. the reason no good deed goes unpunished, those that are seen as evil get no retribution or it is severely delayed. As we fight our programing it is akin to trying to get a laserdisc player to play a record.
This was a reply to another friend of his. You can try and defy the programming but it is inevitable. You are programed like everyone else and we all react together. Who you are and will become is already determined. If you are like me, you were intended to bare the local strife, in the fashion Meg Griffin does on Family Guy. She's like the poster child for people like me and my buddy. To elaborate on coding errors and anomalies; things like birth defects, spontaneous  combustion, albinoism, are errors in code or virus, or corruption. Anomalies are also things like ghost. Ghost are old data(dead people), and sometimes corrupted data such as ghost that were never people to begin with, probably axed ideas by the system such as Domovoi or Will'O the Wisp. Strange things, such as the claimed jackolope, or weird feats such as wind blowing a hat from one persons head to another, are anomalies. The criminals the run crime sprees and don't get caught till much later and probably too late, the guy who saves the girl from being smashed by a rather large speeding vehicle, to only dies the same fate. Those are things that like most would say shouldn't have happened. But a breach in the system is the fault. The system is massive, thus doesn't run perfect and can't effectively monitor everything efficiently.

The Gods. All of them(hear that Christians and similar faiths) were put here by the machine, as administrators of sorts. These system administrators acted as message board moderators. Designed based on region. The past few decades, I assume as it evolved they were no longer required in the aspect they used to be. Then there are things that were intended but not fully coded, mythical creatures are one example of this.

we are in control of what we perceive as our destiny. yes we pick our own choices, it does not inherently guide us. It runs many variable scenarios better known as the fork in the road. each path leads to another fork.
  I actually explained this in the beginning, everything we think and assume has already been set out. I hope that explains it better. This is why life is how it is, now my actual feelings and such on the matter is a whole nother entry.

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