Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finally another post

It's been forever since I have posted on here. So I finally get to and I forget what exactly I had intended to post about. So despite what I said I was going to do(focus on the other stories before starting) I starting typing book two of Zerophilia. I also have joined the Alt. Sex. Stories. Registry. I'm just waiting for the confirmation. I also joined Stories On Line and have two stories submitted. Two chapters anyway. I also had to restart my book Views Of A Bisexual. I don't know if I told yall about that book or not, but when I had internet I started it and it was saved on my computer-which is having problems turning on. I should have saved it to my zip drive. Now I've got another one started. I hope to get that one published.

Whats else should I bring up...? I can't think of anything really. I can always make another post. Well I did start back writing poetry. Here's one;

My Love For You:
What is it but love we seek. Unconditional
heart-filled or basic lust. The raw desire
for your body

Jax Rhapsody with optional heart on
sleeve. Was a hetero-male; decided
bisided, bisexual, poly-amorous. Could
be a slut- a free range lover.

Romantic lust is all I got. Shallow love
for you. No ill-fated lovers, no meant to
be. Given the slightest chance we can
make what you perceive as love.

Kiss, caress and hold you afterward.
Just remember don't say those sweet
words. As they fall on deaf ears they
could ruin the great thing we had, because
from deep within my heart; I love you so

So i was going to bring something up after I typed that, and I forgot. I guess I can wrap this post up for now. 

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