Friday, July 10, 2009


Now I am a vehicular enthusiast, this includes bikes, scooters, skateboards, SUV's etc. Now in my city the Cyclist are fighting for equal rights, some of them are a tad more, well eccentric than others. Wanting to make Bardstown Rd a bike and pedestrian only street and other ideas like that. But its mostly the Cagers(enclosed vehicle operators) fault. Like I said, I'm a vehicular enthusiast; cyclist do what they hafta do to survive the trip and just because you have a enclosed vehicle doesnt mean your the boss, and I'm sure motorcyclist agree with that statement. Regaurdless of law or ordinance the "lesser vehicles" ie: motorcycles, scooters/mopeds, and bikes, will do whatever it takes. Now motorcycles are normally big and have the advantage of loudness and speed that the others lack. scooters unless maxi-scooters have half the advantages and same for mopeds. They all have a slight edge on bicycles. Most problems is most cagers dont know or care for the laws for bikes which is simply stated bikes are to traverse on the streets and roadways, not on the sidewalks. I take advantage of it often because the ride is better and faster but I will retreat to a sidewalk if a must.

Right now I will be fixing up a Trike of unknown origins(see previous post) to ride, Problem is Trikes are heavier than bikes which makes them slower. They are also wider, most of them atleast the width of two bikes riding next to each other or three fixed gears. I had a few ideas for it.

  • Make it into a lowrider which would pull a old Radio Flyer wagon(now rusting to hell) as a trailor that carried a another lowrider I was making from a Kawasaki BMX bike(no longer own) that cant be ridden.
  • Because of its design, a offroad trike.
  • Dropping a motor on the back, or cutting the rear off and welding it to my mopeds rear swingarm.

My plan now is like the equivilant of restomoding keeping it simple but upgrading it to a 26' and hopefully being able to add a front disc brake and I was thinking dual rear brakes that I can operate independantly be cause of the LSD, I can brake in a turn without loosing the ability to pedal. Maybe being able to eliminate the coaster brake of the gear hub so I can go in reverse with the use of a BMX brake system(how most use one lever to activate both front and rear brakes) to control both rear brakes. Slapping on some slick road tires with a skinny in the front. I have everything I need accept front fork(need from beach cruiser), wheels, brakes. and it needs a bearing on one axle. I'm all about customizing my stuff.

I'm all for equal rights for bikes and other vehicles, I'm not one-sided when it comes to this stuff. It's all about the focus point. These patronizing bikelanes dont really help and they're only on certain streets. Same with sidewalks, every street should have a proper sidewalk for bikes and pedestrians(they aren't the focus point though) to use. Cagers need to bring their A-game up too. They need to understand bikes are going to be on the streets as the ordanance is written, and the distracted driving(drunk, on the phone, eating etc.) needs to stop. This is safty for other cagers and us folks on open vehicles cause right now till my car is fixed I'm a full-time bike rider when I can be.

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