Monday, July 26, 2010

Been Awhile

It's been awhile for real. I got some inspiration for the next Zerophilia subtittle unknown, some more character bios. And who knows what else is in store. First let me explain those bios I'm starting. It's a set of character outlines for a story that may or may not get out of development hell. I'm not sure what to do with them, I do know they are for a race which was kinda insipred by the Fox cancelled (that was dope as fuck and shoulda never been cancelled)series Drive. Accept theres also fighting matches inwhich they must fight competetors and sometimes each other, as they are all after one goal.

 With other stories in the works, I have no fuckin clue if I'll write this one or give permission for somebody else too. Theres also a colaboration with my Deviant Art Profile where there will be physical interpataions of the characters. Which gives me an idea, I may let other people use the characters and make a DA wide story or let other Deviant Artist use them for their own short stories grantes they link LavCa and my DA page to it. Because besides Zerophilia, I am writting a book called Street Rhapsody(not online) and I'm tryiong to get the Return of Black Vulcan on here. I may even spoof a mini-short story a few places. I'm still thinking of things to expand to. We'll see. I havent even uploaded anything anywhere in a while, I havn't been on my gazillions of messageboards like I'd like to. What the fuck ever to get viewers dammit.

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