Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zerophilia: Apathy 2

  "Hey, I'm home!" I said coming through the back.
  "Co'mere Jax, I gotta ask you something." Said Rochelle.
  "Hold on, what's it about." I queried as I changed to a tampon and tossed on my Jax costume.
  "Just come here and you'll see." She replied.
  I tossed my panties under my bed and went into the kitchen. I froze when she turned around- but I couldn't let her see the stunned amazment at what I saw...
  "Jax. What was these girls drawz doin in yo room? I found them when I was cleaning." She asked with irritated confusion.
  "Sigh. Uhhhh. Lemme think. I probably took those from some chick..."

  Yeah, I've been pretty much a nobody ever since elementary school- those were the years right there. For some reason alota people don't seem to care for me ever since middle school started. I'm a decent drawer, I play the dijeridu and the guitar. Plus I've been studing martial arts, parkour and dance. Every once in a while life looks up at me, being as young as I am I can't even partake in alot of stuff. Especially since Velocity has been trying to inact a lame ass fuckin curfew. Sooo, somethimes when something "out of the ordinary" happens to me it's kinda paid attention to. Whatever- you'll see.

  "...one night I was at the waterfront and met this chick." I explained.
  "Aww, I thought they were yours." She said with relief.
  "Naw, dey ain't mine, please." I said.
  "You sure?" She double checked.
  "No, they ain't mine, I don't even wear underwear, why would I wear panties?"
  "Aieght then. Whatever you doin I hope you use a condom. Don't come to me if you get some STD fuckin around." She told me.
  "Yeah, I know that." I said walking back into my room to get ready for my date.
  The question is though, should I tell her? I mean put a live dick anywhere near a lesbian in such a manner would surely piss them off. But should it matter(I wondered as I picked out some clothes) if I'm actually a boy- if I can completly turn into a girl? But then I guess it'd kinda be like if a straight guy was with a girl and she turned out to be a transexual. Dick or not, not knowing would be the issue. Well maybe it won't be that bad if I tell her.
  I pick up my cellphone to call Nikki. "Hello sexy lady."
  "Hey mamma, I miss you. Whats's up?" Greeted Nikki
  "Not much, I'm just gettin ready." I said while finding some underware on the opposite side of the color spectrum from my goth stuff.
  "You know what, I think I wanna go karting!" Nikki exclaimed. "Give you a ass-whuppin!"
  "Yeah that'll happen. You know what? driving is what I was born to do." I gloated.
  "Alright baby, meet you at my house." Said Nikki.
  We are goin to a lil arcade place with battin cages, minigolf and of coursae the most important shit, GOKARTS! I used to race them when I was younger. So I got my fit right and I get my bike to ride over her house.

  "Fuck!" I yell, barelly off the block before my pants got caught in my bike chain. "Fuckin shit. I ain't never had this happen." My dumbass forgot to adjust my trip pants so I could ride. Sigh.
  "woo hoo, go girl!" Someone yells over the sound of their horn.
  "What the hell?"
  "Yo lemme get somadat!" Was yelled from another car.
  Somehow my ass was hanging out- thong and all.  "Oh my god, why?" I stammered.
  I'm almost there, I jump a curb and go through an alley to take a short cut I found, when I blew my front tire and skid into a parked car, when the tire rolled off. So I had to catch the bus the rest of the way- which was crowded and I was stuck in the middle. Next tosome funky ass guy and missed my stop cause I couldn't get off.  I finally made it to her house walking two and a half blocks back.

  "Hey, baby! What's wrong?" Nikki greeted.
  "Haven't been having the best of time lately." I responded, with a hug.
  "We've got a first aid kit in here c'mon."NIkki said holding my hand. "My mom's still at work."
  "Can I have a kiss for my boo-boo's?" I wimpered.
  We made out for a lil bit and then go ready to leave for the gokart place. Everythoing was fine too. I hadn't been in a gokart in a long time. We ate as soon as we got there. We were running around playing games trying to get enough tickets to  get a big prize but ended up giving them all away. So we're out on the gokart track, Nikki's not that bad, but I am kickin ass till the last lap- three turns from finish I come out of a chicane and being cocky, like a lil boy. spun out because I missed a turn. All that trading pain't for nothing.

  Back at her place:
  "Baby, it's okay. It was still fun right?"she asked from the other side of the couch.
  "Yeah, I still had fun." I murmured watching tv. "I've got something to tell you." I said sternly.
  "An I got something to tell you too..." She said planting a kiss on my lips. "Goths are wierd." She said pulling my pants off.
  "I'm serious, youuuunnnngg."I started as my clit got sucked. The only thing I could do then is wrap my legs around her shoulders.
  Climbing back up to the couch, Nikki said, "I never noticed how big your clit got."
  "Yeah," I said goin for her nipples. "Damn you're sexy." I said kissing her to her pussy.
  "I'd been waiting for this day. Give me all of you." Nikki said, climbing in my lap.
  While sitting on my lap, she felt something slightly enter her pussy. "What the fuck is that?" Nikki asked as she got off me. "Tell me what's goin on here?" She ordered.
  "Remember, that movie we watched and what I asked you?" I asked.
  "Nooo, I don't." Replied Nikki.
  "Remember, we were watching that movie Zerophilia about that guy Lucas who could turn into a girl when he was horny. I asked you if that could happen in real life- would you be with somebody like that? There would hafta be some kinda benefits to dating a Zerophiliac. Soooo...?"I asked her
  "Kiva, I don't know. This kinda pisses me off right now. Or is your real name 'Kiva"? Nikki asked disbelieving.
  "Yeah it is. My other name is Jax. I know I shoulda told you sooner- like when we was watching the movie I was gonna tell you but you looked uneasy when I asked you that, so I didn't. I was trying to tell you tonight." I explained.
  "I don't wanna be anywhere near a dick, Kiva. Now I don't know what to do." Nikki said annoyed.
  "look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you when I should have. You're my first girlfriend- I had to be a girl to get one. But When I am Kiva I'm girl all the way. I could even have kids." I explained.
  "Right now I just want you to go away. I feel like- ah dunno. We'll talk." Spoke Nikki, quietly.

  So I went home in tears and slight embaressment for it. Shit just felt different right then and there. Maybge we could recover from this but I have a feeling that it may not happen. I try and get all my cry out before the bus gets here. So I'm on the bus when although not crying, hurt real bad. Then I look up and see people staring at me. I catch myself in a window, I'm changing  completly back into Jax. I got off the bus right then and there. I had to walk my bike ickily barefooted since my boots were about a few sizes too small. Oh god, please don't tell anyone Nikki, my life sucks enough. I thought I was liberating myself.

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