Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apology: If Your Mustang Could Talk

It seems I owe an apology to John Threatte on that blog entry I wrote last year. A much dued apology I hadn't gotten around to doin. I had completly forgotten about it till today when I was checking for new comments. If I remember right, the FoxBodyForum user didn't say or didn't know where it had came from to give due. I didn't know, so I googled your name to see if I could contact you personally. Like I said it a year ago and you probably forgot about my lowly still not even medium in the internet world blog. But I did, the first time I seen your comment go back to FBF to see if anyone knew you or knew you or whatever and they came to the conclusion you weren't a member so no one had a clue. Either way it is still an enjoyable read- however I'm still wondering how you found my blog...

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  1. I certainly appreciate your apology on this. In the grand scheme of things and life, me being credited with writing this isn't going to save the world or the economy (lol), and I realize that. I wrote this to read at our yearly mustang club's banquet and had no intention of it making it outside of that event. However, one or two members really liked it and one even posted it on a few websites outside of our club's website. Others seemed to like it and identify with the passion I was trying convey to anoyone who read it. From time to time I run across it in the oddest of places, but when I do, I still stop to read it and especially the comments fellow Mustang enthusiast leave behind. I guess I'm just a die hard Mustang guy and enjoy the people that share my passion.

    Thanks again for your comments and hope that your passion for Mustangs is still going strong. (and not costing you a fortune)

    John Threatte


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