Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ruth Dunn elementary& Vrginia P. Carrithers middle

So today I thought I say a girl from my days at Carrithers middle school. I did, she's working over at an O'Reilly's. I wouldn't be surprised if she knew who I was, somehow everybody remembers me. Hell I remember some girl saying she remembered me from Roselevelt-Perry Elementary. I was surprised I recognized her, I suck with faces and names. I pulled out my middle school year book and looked through it, sure enough, ther she was.

After I looked through those I looked through Dunn's. The only teachers left from my time is Beth Carlton and Ms. Klein-Krat. I think the same Librarian(s) are there. I was working there as asub-Custodian one day. That was one of those rare, once in a lifetime, oh-my-god-theres-a-unicorn, moments. The Jax cried. So many memories came rushing back to my head. I was happy I only had two days there. Funny thing is I was hoping to work at some of my old schools while I was working for JCPS.  I remember Dunn as having nothing but good friends ad a few crushes. I must suck at dates and time alot worse than I thought becaue I always thought I left that place in 1995. If you ever find anything of me talking about Dunn, I'll say I'm 95 Alumni. I'm stupid, I left Dunn in 1999.

I thought about making a list here of all the people I really knew. Aside from a few people, I've never ran in to anyone else but those two people. I don't use my name or publiclly display photos of myself but I will tell you I was in Ms. Bedfords class and then 5th grade year Ms. Carltons and gave her hell. I remember a lot of stuff. Sory to name names but I remember Katie Dixon giving my some [at the time] really cool pencil sharpner as long as I promised not to make fun of her for having diabetes. Now even as a kid I was kinda arrogant and shit, but I can't imagine I was ever that mean to anybody I would consider a friend. I remember when me and Nito used to draw comic books and the time I wasnt at school and Preston got his leg broke. I still say that wouldn't have happened if I was at school that day. I'm sure everybodies doin well and whatnot, probably doin way better than me. I wish they had reunions for elementray schools. Ah dunno one day I  might make a list. not like anybody from Dun will ever run across this blog anyway.

Looking back at Carrithers, I found that life there was even sucker than I imagined. I was no longer the kinda tough guy, nor the one with friends. And then when I found a fuckin friend people started spreding rumors about me being fucking gay. What bullshit is that?! We didnt do anything to even percieve the notion. I know I didn't really fit in, and didnt really try. I wasn't gonna be something I wasn't. I wasn't gay then, but LOL now would be the time to say something. I you want a hint I was in the Explorers trilogy or whatever you call that section of 6th-8th grade of the school. I hung out with Paul Rogenski and  had a crush on Shavon and Ranisha. I hated middle school, nothing was the same as the previous section of school time. I don't know what I could've done to make anyhing better. I don't know who I would owe an appology to or whatnot.

Those were kinda depressing times. Matter of fact that was the start of why I am who I am today. Thats the thing, I'm not ghetto or like to deal with that shit. I didn't care too much about fashion r keep u with alot of music or anything. I was just a fuckin outsider and I hated it. I tried to get in to school shit, I atleast made it to dances. It as partl my mama's fault for not wanting to drive all the way out Jtown. I tried to do the news thing but I kept fucking up so much I got kicked out. I wasn't even doin the shit on purpose. Dunn's the same way I wanted t be there and do other shit. Like I tried to join the boy scouts like twice till I found it useless because nobody else would take me up there. Now that I think about it, I wish we had the money and had the property to live out there. I guess thats one reason I despise the westend. Its one of those things that kept me from what I wanted. That and whatever the hell is wrong with me. I don't know how many times I wanted to die.

I don't know whatelse I could ever add to this right now. There might be another blog entry for that.

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