Friday, June 3, 2011


  Outside the high school, staked out in my van. My lunch always coincides with the release of the students. I plan and hope to find some to release me. Watch them scamper about down the street, to the cars and busses. Yeah I see them, practicing the cheerleading and step team. Playing and flirting, not to mention my favorite…the uniform violations. There are no camera’s, the teachers don’t all care. Most of the time I patrol the school grounds. Not sure who’s on the up-n-up.

  Heh, I remember filling up my mop bucket to clean the girls locker room. I don’t know what they were doing because I had to take care of some other bullshit prior. I knew they’d be in there. So I popped in my head phones and strolled through. Nice lil peep show. Some of them hid others cussed and raised ruckus. I don’t know how I did it but I made my way to a real treat, the showers. They acted a fool. Well there were a few who I knew were trying to tempt me-they have it out for me and I’ll get them. Then there was one, she was quiet. She didn’t turn around or pay any mind. I knew she was the one. That body from what I could tell was gonna feel real nice on me. Her ass was just enough without too much. I left but lingered to find out who she was.

  Later on that day, I was taking a break and notice a note on my door. I cut it open lit a cig and it read: You pervert, did you like what you saw? I don’t mind it at all-not one bit. Promise to stop stalking the students if you can keep cathng me with my pants down, Chester? Signed Sora. With it a picture. So when school was out I saw her jump in a car with her boyfriend and drive off. Later that night I looked her up n the school files.

  I recall going by her house once. That day she came up to me and said she thought she seen my van. So I told her, I doubt it. The funny thing is I was cleaning the upstairs girl’s bathroom when she walked in. The way she clinched me. This is what I’ve been planning on. We kissed as I grabbed at her ass in the miniskirt she was wearing. For the rest of the week we would flirt. Smetimes she’d stay after school and meet me somewhere like one of my closets or the girls locker room. Show me your body, give it to me. We would be naughty I found out Sora was sixteen and her boyfriend was eighteen. I learned that, one night I was outside her house, she snuck in the back of my Econoline, I was watching her take out the trash and lost sight of her. We had some oral. I felt as if her mouth would uneash all the cum I had and her pussy tasted so good.

  One day in a classroom I had her on a desk about to give it to her. But I heard the door slam open and her boyfriend walked in. Oh how non-chelant was that moment. He left after a while and we got back in to it. It was really boss when I picked her up. But we couldn’t finish because they had to leave. The next day we was in the locker room and I was laying it down, the room roared with our ecstasy. We started goin to clubs and out to eat and whatnot. She even helped me get those one irls from the locker room. She tricked them in to the science lab where I whipped up a knock out floor wax. We had fun with them and Sora knew how I liked young pussy.After I remopped the floor we had at them. They still don’t know.

  About a week an a half later she was riding with me. We stopped at this burger joint. Her boyfriend showed up. We left early and took the long way back through this dirt road. We were about to fuck when we heard this car. It was his Cutlass. There we are half naked flying down this dirt road. So as we were being chased she climbed n my lap horny and road my dick. That was a fuck up She hit the brake by accident-I think. The next thing I know is I was grabbed from the seat as I shoved her off, I was pushed. Her boyfriend climbed in. I was so tired from busting a nut. Between his punches and kicks my Sora kicked me in the balls. I remember them standing there as I lay in the back of the van. I don’t know what else happened but whenever it was I woke up I knew I was too old for this shit.

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